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Monday, March 7, 2011

Why is it that many people treat marriage like an insurance policy?

 Why is it that many people treat marriage like an insurance policy?  Once the ring is slipped on their fingers, some assume they are then free to relax the high standards formerly held which definitely helped to attract and win their new mate-else why would anyone ever bother with the effort to begin with if physical appearance, fitness, and health were not supposed to be important things inside the marriage?
   I have noticed many formerly healthy and attractive spouses, who almost before all the "I Do’s" are said, start pigging out regularly with seemingly reckless abandon, and as a result gain enormous amounts of excess weight with little or no concern for the feelings of the other.  Sometimes a gluttonous spouse will even go so far as to try and sabotage their fit spouse's dieting and health efforts in an apparent attempt to make their fit spouse fat as well, most likely so that their healthy other-half won't be able to take the higher moral ground if they should try voicing any legitimate complaint about their weight gain-I guess misery loves company.  I think it is deplorable the way many will project an image of being health conscious, physically active, exercising, and generally keeping themselves attractive and so forth during the courtship phase, but then, once the marriage is sealed, almost before the ink is even dry, they begin to "let go" and pig out.  Then, when any concern is expressed by their partner who they have sworn an oath to “to love and honor...”, it is met with nothing short of total contempt or accusation, overused lines of total BS like "But you're supposed to love me unconditionally, you a**hole!"  What a crock.
   Where in any legitimate marriage agreement or contract, traditional or contemporary, is it stated that a spouse expected to give “Unconditional Love” irrespective of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or adultery, which all are inclusive to gluttony? If such an illogical concept as “unconditional love” actually exists, then where is their’s?  Will someone please explain how such logic as expecting someone else to love you “unconditionally”, could be anything but irrational?  By demanding “unconditional love”, these selfish hypocrites are themselves affecting a condition by demanding a condition: Unconditional Love!    
   Why is it that popular culture considers a gluttonous self-abasing spouse who becomes a pig after marriage to be a victim or the only victim? Why is free license given for one spouse to become obese at the expense the other’s happiness? Yet, consequently when the healthy spouse naturally looses attraction felt for their formerly fit spouse, the fit spouse is considered to be shallow and selfish.  
   Anything you might read about the evils of domestic violence, alcoholism, addiction, abuse and so forth within marriage is NO DIFFERENT from gluttony.  In fact, gluttony is worse than those evils because it destroys the natural basis that is the catalyst to nearly every romantic relationship which eventually results in marriage, Natural Attraction. Surely, there is a Higher Love than this, but the honest in heart will acknowledge that most all relations, at least those between and man and woman, begin with natural attraction.  Unfortunately, many relationships never advance to this state of Higher Love that transcends advancing age and the normal loss of attraction because the natural process which would normally lead there is stunted, and eventually killed by selfish, greedy, unabashed gluttony! How sad.
Μολὼν λάβε!
Posted by Mojo on the My Fat Spouse Forum

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