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Monday, November 17, 2014

Most Painful Thing I Have Lived Through...

When people come to this website for the first time, they are appalled by what they read. They have understandable responses. The responses are the same as those on any other site or blog that discusses obese significant others. They think those of us who are dealing with an obese significant other are being shallow because we cannot love the person the “way he or she is.” I read those responses and I think, “Spoken like someone who isn't dealing with an obese spouse (girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.)” If they could walk a mile in our shoes, they would quickly be silent or perhaps join us in our mantra. By the time a person posts their feelings on this website, they are to the point of anger and they need to vent. They are trying not to vent at their obese significant other (and by this time, I am thinking I need to shorten that to OSO – Obese Significant Other). They love that person, and don't want to hurt his or her feelings. Where else is there to go? It is so easy to scold the angry person, and tell him or her she is the bad guy. Oh, but what emotions lie underneath the anger. I look at my OSO and what comes to me first is not a thought, but a deep, visceral reaction. I have worked for months to over come this reaction, and I cannot. I look, and cannot quell the repulsion that rises from somewhere primal within me. I am a woman, and my OSO is a man. What is repulsed by sight is confirmed through touch. Indeed, magnified through touch. His shape, with full hips, buttocks, and thighs, large belly and ample man boobs, is more comparable to a female than a male. I have no lesbian leanings. This repugnant tactile sensation causes me to recoil. I look at his form, as he 
lay under the sheets, and what I see is a fat woman, not a man. When I hug him, its conjures childhood memories of my cuddling with my grandmother. There is no room for two in the tub or the shower, and if there were, I would not join him. When he rolls over in bed, its like the rolling of a whale. At night his breathing is the strained and loud. Breathing of a fat person. When he speaks, his double chin and jowls wobble. When he laughs, his belly undulates like the baffles of a waterbed. When he walks away, his back parts and the way he fits into jeans remind me of a large, loose-skinned elephant. His movements are awkward and comical. 
On hot days, sweat drips from underneath his man boobs and wets his shirt. He tires easily from the least exertion. When he does too much work, his inner thighs become chaffed from rubbing 
together. He wheezes. He eats like every meal is his first after a week of starvation. He talks about food with zeal, as if it were some great, amazing hobby and all the rest of us are interested. Literally everything in life is affected by his size, nothing is left untouched. 
I haven't gotten to the bedroom yet. When we used to make love, he had to be partially clothed. 
Looking at him turned me off so bad, he had to stay covered up. We have not ever made love, skin to skin. We have not rolled and tumbled like lovers do. When we spoon, I get a big belly in my back. You can imagine how awkward certain positions are. And I could not bring myself to be on top because the view is so bad. I cannot even look at his face surrounded by all that fat pooling around it. I used to want it only when I was really horney. Now I don't want it at all. Its sad, because he is a very attentive lover who is technically good in bed and cares about my orgasm. But I like active, reciprocal sex and cannot bring myself to pleasure him. I never want to stick around afterward and hold him, there is nothing about his body I like. It harps at my mind that I ignore the little signals he sends out that lets me know he wants sex or to be affectionate. It makes me feel guilty that there is nothing on his body I long to caress when he 
comes home after being away. It does not matter any more how well he treats me, how kind he is, how helpful he is around the house. It no longer matters how much money he makes. The energy about him and around us that always used to be there still there. These all become horrible teasers. I get turned on by his personality and have no where to go with it in an intimate expression .I can not bond with him. This is absolute hell on earth. His wonderful aspects and personality only make me resent his obesity more.. Now when I think of him, my mind instantly goes to that fat body and that sunken feeling sets in. There is no excitement of anticipation in the thought of him anymore. Its been swallowed up in fat. . I will always manage to find someone I can talk well with, like I do with him. This is called a friend. We have discussed marriage, and I do not want to have a marriage with just a friend. I want a 
lover. I no longer have one in him. I cannot bring myself to marry someone I want to change or who I am not 100% crazy about. And I battle feelings of guilt over the fact that what would restore my being in love with him would be if he lost weight. Indeed, I will always love his person, but I cannot be IN love with him and his fat anymore. My parents think he's great. He has a wonderful personality. My boys wonder when we are going to get married. The neighbor drops hints about it. Most people find him engaging, helpful, smart, witty,etc. He is perfect in every way. I just would have to be okay with a marriage that had no intimacy, for the second time. Dont they see what I am dealing with? None of them have OSO's. None of them get it. Now when I think of him, I grieve the lost future. Whether I stay with him or not, the future I dreamed of is gone. Don't look forward to it. I have such disappointment. Simple things that bind me to him don't exist. Simple things that elevate the relationship to love and not just roommates dont exist. No long walks, no cuddling on the couch as we watch TV, no sex initiated by me, no adoring looks and flirting caresses. No dancing or going to the beach. No feeling proud to be with him in public. My attraction is waning, fast becoming zippo. The disappointment is crushing. I have to admit I can no longer compensate for or fake my way through the feelings I have in response to his body. Even a few hours alone with him has become agonizing. He has no idea all this is going on in me. The lack of power over any of it is depressing. I grow more despondent and immobilized by bleakness daily. We have talked about it a few times, his weight and its affect on me. I dont understand how obese people can live their lives unaware that their looks and way of life, (indeed, fat is a lifestyle, not just a size) is a turn off to those of us who are not. He acts surprised that I cannot be the intelligent, 
deep, adult and accept him for who he is. He does not see the sedentary, food centered and fat-related complaints for the turn offs they are. He has been this way so long. He used to be an athletic, handsome, energetic person. I am being supportive, but its wearing on me. I have enough to deal with being a single mom. I am also angry at the things the food industry has added to our food that attributes to obesity in our country. It adds fat, tricks the hunger signals, turns off satiety signals: I was born in 1962, and as a child do not recall seeing many fat people- anywhere. That was when food was food, for the most part, and not chemicals and processed goo. , I am a divorced 47 year old woman who passes easily for 37, or even younger. This man was my HS sweetheart. We hooked up after talking on the phone for months. I was not prepared for his size when we first met. I felt guilty over my initial reaction to him and have been trying to over come it ever since. Its hell to get along with someone perfectly in every area but one. He is trying to loose the weight, but has plateaued at 265 or so for months. He used to be 320. I have known him for almost 3 years. What will he look like when all the weight is gone? The thought of all that loose skin frightens me too. I have memories of us and what we used to do when we were young, and he is not that person anymore. I miss those things and I am afraid they never will be again. This is killing me. His devotion to me almost makes me sick because I am to the point where I can no longer return it. We dont have any children together, but my sons know him and love him more than their own dad. So, in a way I am stuck. What hurts the most is that I feel denied that wonderful obsessive, crazy, “cant keep my hands off you” honeymoon period that most people have when they hook up with someone they love. I did 
not have that after my first marriage. The abuse started too soon, it messed up my trust, and I was too stupid to leave. For me, life has been very ironically cruel. If there is a God who overlooks our affairs and wants whats best for us, he has a terrible sense of humor in expressing it. I came out of a bad marriage looking for love. I thought I had found it again, only to realize I am going from one man I cannot touch, to another one. One long, sexless relationship to another. (First husband was normal weight, but abusive). I never thought, among all the things I have had to deal with in life up till now, that I would ever experience love with an obese person. It has been undeniably the most painful thing I have ever lived through. So when newbies come to this site, they have no clue what really lies beneath the surface 
of the anger. Perhaps I have helped, in my own way, them to understand. 
And now I have put my innermost thoughts and emotions here for the public to read. It 
cheapens them, since I know the picking apart that will happen in subsequent comments. Fire away.
Those who are saying it cannot be done are interrupting those who are already doing it.
Posted by chevalle d'or on the My Fat Spouse Forum click here to read more


  1. The thought of having someone i am committed to, especially married to, be OBESE, scares the bejesus out of me. I'm not married, thank God, and this is one of the things I fear the most. Many people have called me shallow, an "a-hole", "looks fade", etc. I've been made to feel bad about my opinion of fat folks, but the fact remains, they DISGUST me. There is absolutely no way I would be able to be intimate with an obese spouse. I wouldn't be able to get, much less maintain, an erection. why would I want that for me?? I know I would cheat, would look elsewhere, and eventually leave.

    I'm sorry for your pain.

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  2. Sadly for your husband you have high standards. I, Fat Bastard can only bone skinny chicks because I'm too fat to pork fat girls.

    Face it hunny he loves food more than you and why wouldn't he? Food does not judge. Food does not ignore his pleas. Food will not abandon him. Food sustains and nourishes him. Food is his God and food is a GOOOOOOOOOD God. Food will kill him but it will kill him mercifully, pleasurably and joyfully. Fatling LOVE food more than all else and why not after all food IS love.

    Yes indeed food is love - an eternal love - a true love and a true lust. FOOD RULZ.

    Sadly for you your OSO as you call him (BTW I love that term) is like most people in that he is a greedy glutton and if you read BiggerFatterBlog you will learn that gluttony is GOOD but it is not for everyone. I will elaborate.

    My bestest buddy is Proud FA aka the Dean of Feederism. Proud FA is a lean muscular stud if a man unlike me, Fat Bastard. I am a big waddling tub of goo with the musk of a fat man. For many years Proud FA only porked fat girls. He's reasons were simple fat girls are easy and they are sluts. They would fight over him. Fat boys are physically unable to pork fat girls but Proud FA can.

    Proud FA no longer porks fat girls after deciding he wanted to settle down and have kids. Proud FA had his choice of sows who would have jumped at the chance to marry him but he instead elected to find a thinling even though bony women were a turn off to him. Eventually he overcame his aversion to hot sexy fit women and now he is giving his fiance Thinnette all she can handle.

    Proud FA did not want to sire kids with a sow only to have them turn out birth defected and become little piglettes. I think fat kids are cute. I mean look at the Campbell Soup kids - They are friggen adorable. Instead Proud FA opted to live a fit and spartan lifestyle when it comes to glorious glorious food. To Proud FA great sex, mobility and healthy kids are more important than food but for me and most other Americans food trumps health, sex and kids every time.

    Without deprogramming and reprogramming you cuddly lumoxx is not going to change. Food is filling a need for that nothing else can and in my case that need is to EAT EAT EAT because eating is fun. His reasons may be different.

    He's a fatling and you can either find that acceptable or not. It sounds like you cannot accept him being a fatling. Can he change? Absolutely! Will he? Statistically speaking the chances are slim.

    Why should he change? Food is a bigger payoff to him than everything else in his life ie you, family, good health, appearance mobility... you get the picture. (Rub a dub dud, thanks for the grub, yea Belly God!) Unless his priorities change he will remain a member of the every growing legions of lard.

    I think you need to shit or get off the pot. You can stay with him and hope for a miracle or you can leave and find a more suitable partner or you too can be come a glutton. That's easy to do.


    1. It’s no secret that most men only want one thing, right?

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  3. Chevalle's post has to be the most gut wrenching peice I have ever read on this forum. It is likely the best one that has ever been posted, here or anywhere for that matter on the subject of fat damaged marriages. I believe her post conveys more clearly than any the horrible delimma facing millions of loving and concerned spouses who have endured, and continue to endure, unfathomable mental, pyschological, even physical pain and suffering at the hands of those who had once professed their love and devotion, but who for unknown selfish reasons, later forsook their dedicated healthy spouse's and lover's, taking advantage of previously made covenants and commitments to instead satisfy a selfish, gluttonous, and deadly passion to consume untold quantities of unhealthy foodstuffs and garbage. I wish that every glottonous spouse could read her words so that they could perhaps get a taste of the enormous portion of misery and despair which they have heaped upon those love's whom once they beguiled, but now defile.

  4. I feel that Chevalle's post was talking about my marriage. I have been married to my OBO for more than 26 years, and he was not like this when we took our vows. Even at that time, I was by far and away "out of his league", but I didn't marry him for his looks. He was, and still is, a devoted and hard working person, with high moral standards. Physically, everything was fine. But over the years, I have had three kids, and he has gained all of the weight. He is in no way lazy and is a good provider. The problem is he is addicted to food. I make healthy meals, of which he eats 3-4 portions at one sitting. Then when I think I could't be more disgusted, he pulls out a bowl of cereal, and then eats a carton of yogurt, and finishes it off with "something sweet". I want to rip my hair out. On the weekend, I try to cook meals for the entire week ahead,but he thinks he just won the lottery, and devours them within 48 hours. I have given up. Even though I have kids at home, I don't want to cook anymore because I feel as if I am fueling his obsession with food. I am about 50 years old and have always been slim, mostly due to the fact that I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 15. Do I really make diabetes look so easy that he doesn't care if he gets it? Is he so selfish that he doesn't see how hard it is for me to watch him down plates and plates of food, while I have a mug of soup and a tossed salad? His body disgusts me, and his attitude infuriates me. Sexually I take care of my needs myself, so I don't have to look at him. I anticipate as we get older, I will be taking care of his health problems, even though I am the one that has been chronically ill for 37 years.

  5. This post sounds like it was written by me!
    I know EXACTLY what you are going through.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This is my shame, too. I want to tell my story, but I'm too scared. I'm worried my husband will, somehow, impossibly, see what I write and be utterly crushed. I'm not quite brave enough, and maybe I will never be.
    But thank you. Thank you for your bravery.

    1. I have expressed everything, been brutally honest and it made no difference to my husband. I suggest you give yourself some relief if not by expressing it here, write it down, get it out....even if you delete it afterwards. Getting it out helps, trust me!

  8. People don't like fat people. They think they are not healthy and fit to spend life with. But we can change ourselves to a great extent. By doing rigorous exercise and controlling our diet we can shed dozens of kilos. Determination and consistent is required. I drank Pure Noni Juice and lost 7 KG without putting much effort in weight loss programme.

  9. Its absolutely agonizing to juggle the guilt of feeling like a shallow partner and the very REAL feeling that your life is smothered by THEIR weight. Sleeping is hell- the breathing, weezing, snoring, their weight LITERALLY making the bed dip so you feel like you are always sleeping on a hill....lets talk about simple daily things like the fact that we argue over taking elevators vs. Stairs, parking right in front of a store vs. in the middle of a parking lot, being able to walk at an average pace vs. Having to accomodate their inability to take normal size strides with their massive legs. Also, I prefer to walk places as often as possible, but we cant because his feet get blisters if we walk a mile across the span of an entire day. These are REAL things that impact every single aspect of a relationship and lifestyle. What about the activities we do? Well, I regularly have to worry about where he will fit. He doesnt stop to think about the fact that if we go to a theme park, he wont fit. So when he suggests that we go to one (because he os a sweetheart and knows my passion for rollercoasters), I then have to come up with a bullshit reason about why we shouldnt. For his sake. Or when we go to movie theaters, he gets uncomfortable in the chairs. He exceeds most max weight activites that I like, so I have to hide them from him. I never in my life worried about traveling until I bought us plane tickets to go home to visit family and he had to force himself to fit in an airplane seat. Then he complained about how uncomfortable the belt was and how small the seat was! Aside from all of these daily struggles centered around our meals/exercise, theres the scary reality of where we will be in 10 yrs, if he makes it that long. We are 25 now. But seriously, he is going down a dangerous path and its not going to get easier. Is he going to be in a jazzi by 30? What happens when I have to take care of him? He already buys slip on shoes/shoes with zippers because he cant bend over long enough to tie shoes. I am naturally a care taker but it's different when you feel like its just another inposition your significant other put on you, without considering how it will affect you. Then it will lead to bitterness and resentment. And the sex life is just... repulsive. That sounds so mean... but honestly, when you are having sex with someone and their sweat keeps DRIPPING on your face and in your mouth, it makes intimacy impossible. I was okay for a little while, understanding his insecurities and never having been with a larger person perfore. I also thought itd get better once we got past his insecurities. But, because of his weight, he's 1.) Exceptionally small (his fatty pouch devours every last inch of his manhood unless he squishes his pouch to reveal the little guy) 2.) He cant even maintain an erection half the time, which is a common side effect of obesity and 3.) He can barely mamage the one position where he can get himself in. My guy is 25, 6ft, and 350 lbs. And for some odd reason, is completely unaware of how big he really is. And the times when he does realize, he quickly forgets or accepts it for what it is. He just shrugs it off. He is an amazing person and I love him very much. He makes me want to be a better human being and he is the best support system I've ever found. But I cant handle the way his weight controls our lives. It does. This is a REAL struggle that shouldnt be viewed as shallow. If I were shallow, we wouldnt be together. I wouldnt put aside all of my wants, desires, & needs to make this work. I wouldnt lose sleep over the negative health effects it will have for our future children.. Ive even considered giving up my desire to conceive because I dont want his weight to affect the health of our baby and then influence their decision making as they grow up. What do you do when they just dont seem to want the change for themselves? Do you call it quits? And then STILL live with the guilt from it, on top of not having the person you love anymore? This is a torturous way to feel.

    1. Clemantine, I feel all your pain. I'm with one, too. But deeper. He's my kid's stepdad and I'm pregnant with a new baby (OSO's first). I can't leave. Not for a long time anyway. But I should've left before the stakes became high. I stayed because he's good. Good guy, all the way around and that is a big deal. But think about the pain you feel.. If you stay, you must accept its probably never gonna change. If you leave, you'll be heartbroken but you will heal and meet a much more appropriate mate. You're so young, too. As sad as it is, I would leave him and go through the heartbreak and move on. Otherwise, you're facing a life sentence. :(
      I love him so much but this is no way to live, think, and feel every day of life. Nothing is worth living with something that inspires such tortuous resentment, frustration, worry, and guilt every. single. day.

  10. Thank you, Chevalle. I have horrible thoughts about my man. The disgust and repulsion I feel and the thoughts I have make me feel like a hateful person and I feel so guilty. It's a tormenting mashup of disgust, anger, trapped-feeling, guilt, sadness, and jealousy (of every woman I see with a normal looking guy). My own self esteem takes a hell of a hit simply for thinking such awful thoughts about the man I love.
    I miss physical intimacy. I miss a neutral attitude about food in my life/house. I worry about the impact on my kids. I wonder how to live without any sexual zest for the rest of my life. I wish I could see just a few hints of masculine physicality. I don't need him to be lean or buff. Just to look manly.

    1. blargaMel, your post is EXACTLY the day to day experience I have with my wife. I certainly can sympathize with your position. I guess misery loves company. You're not alone out there. There are many of us that suffer in silence.

  11. I used to be "fat husband" in my own marriage. Trust me, from the inside this isn't any prettier.

    If you want him to change (instead of just leaving), never enable this. Never get anything from the store that he could eat in excess and get fat. I.e. get a ton of vegetables, fish, fruit. Any food expense is pennies on the dollar compared to health costs later. If he whines, whine back at him that you didn't sign up for being his nurse. If "Timmy" or any child complains, explain that this is the food and he will eat it. At some point, beggars won't be choosers.

    Nobody fat wants to be fat, ever. Smokers and drinkers at least start out with some cachet of cool, but not butterballs. Take a hard line and stick to it. Deep down he will be grateful.

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  17. I can relate to this post very much.I am very much into exercise and nutrition and have never been overweight myself. My husband and I have been married for about 3 years now. He has gained about 35 pounds since we got married and I do not see an end to the weight gain in near sight. He is short so his small frame cannot attractively handle additional weight. I find myself disgusted by his appearance and his behavior as I long to go for walks and hikes and on bike rides, etc. All he will do is eat and watch TV. He has stopped shaving and getting haircuts and sleeps on the couch every night while he sits and eats massive bowls of cereal or spaghettios while watching TV. All of his old shirts are now tight and I find myself staring at his visible belly button through his shirt. He is developing man boobs and large love handles and a big butt and it repulses me. I have told him how I feel about it and he says I should love him no matter what. He is always wanting sex but the thought of intimacy makes me cringe. Where I used to feel muscles I now feel flab and he sweats all over me and it grosses me out. I feel guilty for feeling this way but I am just simply not attracted to fat men. He is slowly killing our relationship with his lazy, sloppy ways.

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  28. Wow.I read all of these comments and I feel you pain. My OSO is 5'9" and about 330. Or that is what he tells me which means it's more. I'm 52 yrs old and still slender. I've been type 1 diabetic for over 40 years so I eat healthy. I cook healthy. He will hide food in his room.

    We stopped sleeping in the same bed years ago because he snores, and sweats, and makes me feel like I'm falling into the hole he creates. Not to mention all of te other digusting bodily noises and smells.

    I have always been a fairly passionate person. But we haven't had sex in several years because it's almost physically impossible. His penis is so buried in fat it's almost non-existent.

    He's a wonderful person and a good husband so I feel guilty. I mean if you love someone, make a vow for better or worse what does it say about you as a person if you can't over look.

    Unlike some of you though, I am not as nice. I tell him he's fat. I'm not an inabaler. I tell him that I love him and always will, no matter how big he gets but, that I'm afraid his heart is going to explode! When we still had sex (years ago), he would always ask for me to shave this, wear that, pose in this position. And I would get angry. Because I would ask him to try to lose some weight and he wouldnt. Why should I try to make myself more attractive for him if he won't for me?

    I don't expect or even want perfection. God knows I'm not perfect. He started gaining right after our wedding. At 20 pounds over I didn't care. His little belly was cute. 40 was still ok, I don't mind a bit to hold on to. But 60, 80, 120? Just too much.

    For me it's not all about the weight. It's about having self pride. I find a man who take pride in his appearance incredibly sexy. My OSO refuses to wear cologne. Walks around in torn shirts and shorts with the crotch ripped out. Knows how fat he is but doesn't care. Even if he wasn't losing much but was at least making an effort would mean something to me. It would mean that he cares. He cares how he looks. He cares what I think about him. He cares if I'm happy or attracted to him.

    Before he had really gained much weight He used to whine "I bald, ugly, stupid, and fat". It would make me angry and I'd tell him, "you're not ugly, you're a very attractive man. Yes you're bald but who cares, I like your head. You're not stupid, you're one of the most intelligent people I know. And yes you're fat, so put down the fucking oreos, get your fat ass up and go for a damn walk!" He'd go "eh, maybe tomorrow." And eat another cookie.

    It's a crappy way to live. Craving intimacy and romance. Craving the excitement of attraction, but knowing it's over for you. Loving someone that you hate. Worrying for someone who doesn't seem to care about themselves. And having a really really fat man prance around naked in front of you and then look hurt because you didn't get consumed by list at the very sight of his nakedness. Good lord the man hasn't seen his own penis in years! And neither have i! It's too buried in blubber!

    I've been living this way for 25 years. It won't change. Sux

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