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Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Opposing View?

I see a lot of folks on here maintain they aren't shallow because they are dumping their spouse for getting fat.  I would like to see these same people make moral judgments on my situation.

I'm a thinling female who is also a life long FA.  

I married the fat ass of my dreams: 5'10 and 270 lbs - most of which sits in his Buddha belly, rubbing that round mass of hairy flab turns me on beyond belief.  When he's banging me from the top and I'm squished under his warm sweaty moobs, swallowing up and sticking to my tiny frame - ahhhh, it's the best feeling ever!

The doctor diagnosed my manly beast last year with high cholesterol and heart disease right around the corner.  He said he has to lose weight pronto - I was mortified!  I'm a feeder, you thinlings may not realize what this means:  no more of my buttery steaks and roasted ribs may I hand feed my gluttonous fatling.  :(   I can never again know the exquisite joy of watching my ham fisted man swallow down heaping hunks of my love meals.  I will never again be able to lay my head on his massive belly and listen to it extending and digesting!  For a feeder FA like me it's like being told you can't have an orgasm anymore!

My man has been eating tuna fish & lettuce like a good little patient, he has went down to 210 pounds......   The horror!  His head looks too big for his body now, his face is getting more wrinkled because there is little fat to fill his skin.  His hands have lost those meaty dimples which used to turn me on.... I'm stuck trying to get sexually attracted to a friggin' waif, it makes me feel like a lesbian to have a partner so skinny, TOTAL TURN OFF!

According to the logistics of this site, I'm supposed to leave my hubby because he doesn't do it for me anymore.....  And I'm not "shallow" for that, because everyone has a right to be sexually attracted to their mate, right???

But I doubt highly that's the advice you thinlings would be giving this FA. Instead, I'm sure I will hear how I'm supposed to just change my attractions to fit what the doctor says is healthy for my hubby.  As if I CAN change my attractions any more than you folks can....

The hypocrisy here has me rather miffed....

But I won't sweat it long, because I won't leave my SO.  He may not be able to be the fatling of my dreams anymore, but I promised to love him for life, no matter what came.  I intend on sticking to that promise.  If I have to I'll just flirt with the occasional BHM I meet to fill my kicks, perhaps try to invite over some friends I can push food on to get my secret kicks, I'll scan the net for some feeder porn, close my eyes when I give it to the hubby and try to remember what it was like when he was heavier, I'll learn to deal with it.  Because I am not about to destroy his heart of the hearts of my children just so I can get nailed my physical ideal.  The vow of my brain & heart meant more than the desires of my vagina....

posted by Charlotte 
on Matilda Tuesday's My Fat Spouse Forum

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