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Friday, February 11, 2011

Thirty Pounds Overweight

I'm in a LTR with a guy who is about 30 lbs overweight.  I've read some of the posts.  Compared to what I've read this is no big deal, right?  Well, it is when you're not sexually attracted to him anymore.  When we first met he was an elite athlete (national team level) and I was also a very competitive athlete in the same sport.  12 years later I'm still the same weight and very fit.  He weighs at least 30 lbs more and has lost muscle mass.  He's got a big belly, moobs and no upper body fitness.  He stills gets some exercise, but his diet and eating habits are horrendous.  I try to have healthy stuff to eat at home, but he basically eats nothing all day, then gorges himself at dinner and snacks on crap at night.  He thoroughly understands nutrition but fails to practice good habits.  I am not really interested in sex with him and his big belly and moobs.  I've entertained the idea of having sex outside the relationship, but that's not really right for me at this time.  I still have home that he may decide to be healthier in the future.  I make a lot of money and take good care of myself.  We have a good relationship for the most part, but now my resentment of his lack of responsibility to our relationship is turning me sour.  I'm in my early 40s.  I'm scared I'm going to wake up with his even fatter gut in 10 years and wonder where the time went.  I really want to be in a sexually healthy relationship.  I feel like a part of my identity is missing when I avoid sex because I'm not attracted to him.  Just look at our's ok and even expected for a guy to allow himself to be dumpy even when his wife/girlfriend is quite fit and attractive.  Ah, it feels so good to vent!

Posted by  JulieD
 on Matilda Tuesday's My Fat Spouse Forum 

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