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Friday, February 11, 2011

Wife Fed Up!

My husband when we married 33 years ago weighed 145, he was very active. He started gaining weight in our 2nd year of marriage and now weighs 3 something , I don't know exactly he won't tell me. He has High Cholesterol, High Blood pressure, type 2 diabetes,complains every day of something hurting knees, back, kidneys, you name it he has it and complains . But then he fixes large amounts of food and eats continuosly, the whole time he eats he is in his room laying on the bed, The bed stays full of crumbs under the bed is crumbs. But drinks diet soda and uses no salt but then consumes a whole bag of chips and popcorn and adds popcorn salt to it. We have not had sex for over a year , we have separate rooms . He comes home from work lays on the bed eats and watches tv and if I want to see him I have to go to his room.If I say anything he gets mad but yet wants me to pity him for his numerous complaints. I'm sorry I don't feel pity I feel anger cause he thinks I am going to take care of his ass when he is disabled because of his weight. He is only 49 and I am 52. I take care of myself he don't and doesn't care. Wants me to work and keep insurance on him so he can come home. I think this is bullcrap.

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