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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fattitude - fat·ti·tude [fat-i-tood, -tyood]

In a recent post I listed a few items as examples of what I consider to be 'fatitude'.  Below is my attempt to take it a step further and begin to categorically define the term originally coined by M2.  

Did I get it right? Please post your corrections, additions, deletions, etc.

Fattitude - fat·ti·tude [fat-i-tood, -tyood]

A collection of highly irrational, and often contradictory attitudes, beliefs and expectations about fatness/obesity, its causes and cures, and its role in relationships and society. The degree to which someone agrees with any or all of the following is their level of fattitude:


* Believing that becoming obese is a natural, unavoidable and irreversible result of the aging process, exactly the same as getting wrinkles or losing hair. Anyone who manages to avoid this has exceedingly rare genetics and must be a "fitness nut" who lives a very extreme, miserable lifestyle where they are virtual slaves to maintaining their unnatural bodies.

* Believing that obesity is caused by mysterious medical conditions, stress, mean spouses, and a hundred other things that the individual cannot control, but NEVER by laziness or overeating.

* Believing that losing weight through sensible eating and exercise is virtually impossible (see previous).

* No one (spouse, child, parent, sibling, etc) should ever expect or encourage another person to lose weight for any reason whatsoever, whether it be health/longivity, quality of life, attractiveness, etc.

* Believing that it is normal and perfectly acceptable to remain or become fit for the purpose of attracting a spouse, then once you are married, letting yourself go and gaining 50+ pounds. Marriage is a binding contract that requires your spouse to find you attractive no matter how much you let yourself go. If they protest, they should be labeled shallow, immature and narcissistic. Some people may consider this an unethical "bait and switch" but they are just haters and fatists (see below).

* Calling fat rolls and cellulite "curves" and referring to obese females as "real women"

* Having an entitled mentality that fat people should be treated as a protected class.

* Referring to fat people as 'normal' and healthy/fit people as 'thin' or 'skinny'.

* Insisting that regarding fat people as unattractive and/or undeserving of special protection is somehow comparable to racism or homophobia (hence the term 'fatist').

* Insisting that "it's all Hollywood's fault" that most people find a fit healthy body attractive and blubber unattractive. Obese is normal, fit is not.

* Inexplicably claiming that you can somehow be both fat and healthy/fit at the same time.

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