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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weight in the World of Warcraft

I fear this might be the only place for me to turn for assistance. This has become a nightmare for me, a true nightmare.

I'll start by saying I play a lot of MMORPG's, in particular World of Warcraft. I'm kind of a nerd I suppose. A big nerd actually. ^_^; Haha, I've been playing online for many moons. I do have a job and pull my own weight in my relationship, and my wife and I keep an impeccably clean house, aside from my slightly unruly computer desk area. I usually focus a lot more on cleaning house in WOW rather than keeping my desk clean.

I met my wife online back in 2000. She sent me a pic, and I spent more time fapping than leveling up. She was hot. We talked on various chat sites, and played together in a few different games. It was a match made in heaven- a nerdy girl that's also hot? Score!

Well, in 2001, we decided it was time to meet IRL. We got together and had a blast! You know how people say you meet someone from the internet for the first time, and it's a truly awkward experience? Like you just don't even know them? Not us! We hit it off big time, and before we knew it, she was packing her bags and leaving home to come be with me. A few of my friends said this might be too soon, but I didn't heed their warnings. I was just so happy to find someone I could relate to so closely, I was blind.

Well, just as soon as she moved in, she got comfortable. We got a second desk for the office, and she set up her comp, and things went smoothly for the first couple of months. Lot's of play time, if ya know what I mean. ^_^ Within three months, she was showering less and eating more than I do. She looked a little heavier, but I ignored it, and figured that's what happens when you're happy with a man.

She's around 350 now. At 5'4", that's... a little too much. O.o; In terms of fattitude, she's level 80- I can't even politely show concern about her health. I fear that she will continue to gain and I have to say that I was turned off a long time ago. I haven't had sex in about 5 years.

This is where WingedChick87 comes in. I met her on WOW, and we talk frequently on MSN. We've been engaging in cyber sex often, and although I kind of feel badly for betraying my wife, I have needs! I've given up hope on her ever losing weight, but I'm wary about leaving her and having the same shit start all over again.

What should I do? It's a sticky situation. I feel like my life has been inflicted with a status effect of epic proportions. I don't wanna think about my wife like that. It's not fair to her. But this certainly isn't fair to me either. Should I drop her and equip another wife? Or should I continue my quest to find the right item to change her back into the hot chick I landed to begin with?

Posted by SkinnyWizard
on Matilda Tuesday's My Fat Spouse Forum


  1. The answer is within your grasp. Your situation is not new to any regulars here. For the sake of avoiding repition, check out the forum. Use the "Search" feature to get more specific material. Good luck.

  2. Why is everyone always so down on repeat topics on sites? On a dead forum like this, you'd think you guys would appreciate any sort of life or activity at all. This guy has a perspective to present, and a story to tell everyone that hasn't been touched on.

    I say you set up a web cam, and accumulate footage over the next year. You can make a documentary about marrying a chick that got fat, and the aftermath of her continuous weight gain. Include a time lapse of it- it shouldn't be hard to catch on film if she doesn't move from her computer much. This shit will sell like the Paris Hilton sex tape. Keep sending your cyber humps to your 'Dungeon Mistress', and once you've accumulated your funds, file for divorce and pay her off. I don't have any advice on what to do with your new life, but I'm betting the mistress is a bad idea if you're put off by fat. She's just gonna blimp out once you land her, and she plays video games all the time too so it's doomed.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I noted the moderator has blocked a reply from me . I was trying to explain to pool boy that without love and understanding while asking the wife to get the weight off wont work.

      Along comes whoever- and they both basically told me go post elsewhere - simply because I didnt agree with their approach to the problem.


      What I didnt tell anybody yet is for years I operated a floating health resort!

  3. Turn off your internet! She's disconnected from the real worldand this will force her to see how addicted she is to this fantasy world. She will then open her eyes and see what she's become. She may even need professional help, because this is a real addiction. Playing these types of games can create a false sense of accomplishment, and can create the same endorphins drugs do. I've been in her situation. I was smart enough to realize what was happening before it got out of control. I now have to set limits to my gaming because I could easily play for 12 hours or more and not even notice.

    1. No try Dr Phil because that women needs some real help. Turning off the net only will not do it.

      Surely you can see that. If we are looking at the picture above she has serious depression issues- not to mention practical. It would require a great deal of $ invested to help her.

      She requires a proper health resort with counseling every day- weight control by her diet exerciser programe starting out light for at least 3 years.

      When I brought my health farm believe it or not the very successful owner was also very fat.

      His wife was happy with the way he was.

      Life is too short having to learn to deal with others problems .

      Weigh it up- and if your that unhappy move on.

      I am wondering if she knows her pictures on the world wide net under this heading-- Um

      I smell a law suite if she doesn't. Speaking of moderators.

      I also saw a very offensive comment as a poster decided to make it a sex site. He was describing doing a hand job on himself.
      I note that comment wasn't deleted.

      Yes I think its time others posted here too.

      Hope to see you again dina

  4. Try meeting people in real life instead of the internet. If they had to hide behind a computer before, they'll be hiding behind a wall of fat later.

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