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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can't find a 44DDD Sports Bra

Heck of a forum you got here! I'm probably asking for it, but I need some help, motivation. I just can't seem to flick the switch. My marriage isn't really suffering from this, but I am

I'm 33, 5'3 and 200 lbs.

I don't eat enormous calories. I eat alot of vegetarian, vegetable and starch based foods like steamed veggies and rice or cous-cous, etc.

Doctor says (and I know) that I need to excersise...when? I'm an RN and I work 12 hour nights, so i get home at 8am go to bed up at 4 shower dinner out the door at 6 to be at work at 7. On my days off there's only so much time to do all the things I have to get done to run a normal household.

For a while hubby and I were walking 12+ miles a day, every day for weeks on end (this was before I was an RN). and I never saw ONE. POUND. GONE.

We never eat fast food...maybe subway without mayo or cheese but I don't even know the last time I had french fries or a hamburger. I don't drink sodas....all of the BINGO bad foods for you I really don't eat. Again, lotsa veggies and low-fat low calorie stuff but I'm not trying to restrict myself, I don't mind the taste of these things. Thankfully I have a trader joe's nearby so I can get tasty low fat low calorie non processed foods for relatively cheaply.

I don't know what to do with myself anymore. When my husband and I started dating I was 21 and wore maybe a size 12 or so, no more than 140 lbs. NOw I'm 200lbs (I starve for a few days if I get above 200 because I feel once I Get above it I'll never get below it) and a size 16 and that's starting to feel tight.

This is stupid but I can't even do an EATING DISORDER right for god's sake. I think bulimia is a waste of money and I love eating too much to be anorexic.

I do sometimes have eating binges where I will just stuff myself stupid for no reason...boredom mostly.

Where do I even start? I feel sometimes like I make excuses for not being more active but then I realize that I really do not have the time to be more active. Plus I'm walking/running around 12+ hours a night at the hospital, and I know that doesn't "count" but surely it "counts" more than if I had a sedentary office job, right?

I'm so depressed about it. I've talked to my Doctor. He doesn't listen, says "exercise for 6 months then we'll talk"
when I tell him I don't have time to exercise he gives me this 'Oh well I'm a doctor and *I* have time to exercise" big deal, he also doesn't have to work the hours I do, HAVE to work, you know?

I have big boobs and it hurts to do any kind of running, and I've never been a runner. Can't find a 44DDD sports bra that even helps and I don't know......I feel like everyone tells me what I NEED to do but I haven't found anyone who can tell me what I SHOULD BE DOING to get to where I need to be....

Posted by  Shoulda on Matilda Tuesday's My Fat Spouse Forum


  1. What you *should* be doing is telling your doctor and the people on this site to take a flying leap. What matters is that you're active and you mostly eat well. And, yes, being active 12 hours a day at work *does* count -- aren't we always told that the cave people and hunter/gatherers were *not* fat because they were hunting and gathering all the time? It's not like they were out jogging on top of living life. Where you need to be is in love with your self and your body, putting good food in your mouth, moving your body every day, and knowing that health comes at every size. Skinny or fat does not equal healthy; skinny or fat does not equal unhealthy. Just be healthy and forget about skinny or fat.

  2. You *should* begin to count your calorie intake for a week or so and buy a heart rate monitor. Wear it while at work to have an accurate count of how many calories you're burning/steps your taking. You are more than likely over estimating how active you are and over eating because of it.

  3. Go to a bariatric doctor. If you follow what he or she says and take the pills the way you should your body will shed the weight ! BUT then you have to exercise to Keep it Off. You will NEVER have the time to exercise you MAKE the time to exercise.

    I did this You can too

  4. Has no one ever heard of the law of conservation of matter and energy? Matter/energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed. That means your body cannot create fat from nothing. And you are not a plant. You do not have photosynthesis. So the sun is not giving you calories. This is the biggest myth of those "fat acceptance" idiots. If you do not eat more than you burn, you absolutely cannot gain weight. Why is this so hard to understand? So many fat people say "But I eat vegetables!". Guess what. Vegetables have calories. If you eat 2 thousand calories of lettuce and carrots, but only burn 600 will gain weight. And your excuses are bullshit. I work 12-16 hours a day/night. I flip from nights to days every week. I'm 5 ft 11 inches and i weigh 172 lbs. Sometimes I only get 4 hours of sleep a day/night. But I WILL wake up early and do 25 pushups, 25 crunches, 25 calf lifts, and 25 squats every morning. Know how long that takes? 15-20 minutes. Stop making excuses and lose some weight.8

  5. Sir Stanley, you are not a sir but an a**hat.

    Did you ever heard about that the body is not a machine? Don´t you know that the body can adapt and burn less calories than an other body, even when they have the same weight, height and workout?

    Do you not know that a body who is missig out on micronutrients has a hard time loosing weight?

    I do not care what you do or don´t or achieve as long as you sound like a d*mbf*ck whose mother obviously failed in teaching him manners.

    Another thing ..2000kilocalories in salad,whom are you kidding.400kcal in spinach is circa 5pounds.

    Did you know that not sleeping enough makes fat, especially woman? You are a guy, bet you would flip if a girl told you how to whack your meat, but you think your flapping around is appreciated?

    Men have it easy to loose weight because of their different levels of hormones, if you don´t posess any knowledge about dietary needs and differences, go back to your crunches and lifting calfes and learn some manners...and don´t forget to rope a 10 pound handle round your nutsack so you know how it feels to have such a big thing hanging from your body that moving hurts.

    Now to you, dear Shoulda.

    Your problems with loosing weight could steem from a couple of different things.

    1. Stress, stress tells the body to keep that weight on with every means neccessary. Stress makes the body think there are bad times ahead and to keep on storage fat.

    2. not enough sleep..something you often can not help. But with enough sleep the body has enough time to start producing those fat melting hormones and start emptying the storage rooms.

    3. not enough micronutrients.
    Some bodies need more micronutrients than other to loose weight.without tools, you can not built a sheed..without micronutrients your body can not utilize his storage fat.

    4. thyroid problems
    T4 levels are not everything..there are 4 or 5 hormones produced by the thyroid and if there is an imbalance, you have a hard time loosing weight..

    5. your big package on the chest
    Obviously a problem,makes it hard to move. But even when you move around already so much you didn´t loose weight, so I guess while your chest is hindering you to run around more, that is not the biggest problem here.

    So what to do?
    This is a good tool to keep track of your nutrition especially when you are always busy or have a habit of loosing handwritten notes like me.

    Max out your nutrition..throw in some spirulina, brewers yeast, wheat germs...any food full of micronutrients that are hard to get in our food nowadays.

    Check your allergies...and be wary of dairy.
    Dairy is breastmilk, breastmilk made to make a calf grow in 6 months to half a ton..yeah there are growth hormones in the white stuff.
    Growth hormones that also influcence the human bodies...we are all animals after all.
    To boot it, most dairy comes from cows that are already impregnated again so you get a bunch of pregnancy hormones from that milk also.

    This might influence you...even worse that dairy cows in america are pumped with hormones to produce even more milk, growth hormones..who let the body grow in unfavourable ways.

    Not everyone has those problems with dairy, but if you eat dairy and you have a hard time loosing weight, give it a can loose nothing, except weight. sounds stupid or useless but it really might help to walk more..take the stairs rather than the elevator..or when you think you are too tired give yourself a shove and walk instead of telling someone to do something for you and do it yourself..

    Small things add up too.. Soon you do automatically the things you thought were tiresome before.
    It was a nice feeling to know that I now walk up the steps without thinking about that I have to..I just a fly.

    First you have to force yourself to make some changes and do the tiresome things you don´t really like to do, but soon it gets second brushing your just do might even be fun.

  6. Walking is not going to drop weight. At least not significantly. You won't like it but weight training, not cardio, is the only effective way to maintain fat loss..

    People can hate on me but and other sources do a better job explaining this than i could and 12 miles a day is waaaay excessive

    with your work schedule, I empathize


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