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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Did You Get Divorced

Ask this question to your divorced friends. Was it money? Fall out of love? Religion? Housekeeping? Was it cheating? There are so many reasons why people good people get divorced. Is it really any worse to divorce over a spouse's refusal to do anything about their weight problem?

Here are some frequently cited reasons for causing divorce:

Lack of commitment to the marriage
Lack of communication between spouses
Alcohol Addiction
Substance Abuse
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Inability to manage or resolve conflict
Personality Differences or ‘irreconcilable differences’
Differences in personal and career goals
Financial problems
Different expectations about household tasks
Different expectations about having or rearing children
Interference from parents or in-laws
Lack of maturity
Intellectual Incompatibility
Sexual Incompatibility
Insistence of sticking to traditional roles and not allowing room for personal growth
Falling out of love
Religious conversion or religious beliefs
Cultural and lifestyle differences
Inability to deal with each other’s petty idiosyncrasies
Mental Instability or Mental Illness
Criminal behavior and incarceration for crime

Obesity certainly causes and contributes to sexual incompatibility. I'm guessing obesity is the least talked about reason for divorce. Whatever the reason for the failure of your marriage just remember. Nobody can make you feel better about yourself and you can’t change and save anybody. As someone wise once said, it takes two wholes to make a marriage, not two halves.

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