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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weight-loss army-style by Mary45

Is your spouse driving you crazy with "losing weight is too hard", "I don't feel like exercising today" and "I'll starve if I don't eat"? For those of you in the UK there might be a solution - or at least a way to prove that a walk in the park and foregoing icecream is no big deal after all.

I dunno how you could get your spouse to go willingly though, and sending him/her off with a promise of "a surprise all-inclusive pampering spa-holiday" might not do the relationship any favours. But here it is anyway:

It's not going to give lasting results and it's probably unhealthy as hell in the long run too. But I still like it. In fact I absolutely love it! It should teach the most stubborn exercise-hater to tell the difference between slight discomfort from light exercise and total exhaustion and pain from going flat out and beyond. And you won't come back still thinking that you'll drop dead if you don't get to satisfy a craving instantly.

If you can survive this for a week you'll very likely realise what you are physically and mentally capable of if you really set your mind to it.

The testimonials at seem to show genuine satisfaction among clients who are ordinary folks.

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