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Monday, March 31, 2008

Scholastic vs. Fat Acceptance

Scholastic vs. Fat Acceptance I'm sure you can remember scholastic from your elementary school days. They published a whole host of publications for teachers and offered a book ordering catalog, when I was in school.

As they have entered the modern age they have moved on to things other than books. One of the most recent publications is a online video game called Amazing Food Detective.

Play the Game Here

You would think this game would be totally innocuous and not controversial. But this isn't the case! Big Fat Blog thinks other wise, Big Fat Blog is referring to the game as a "Fat Hate Campaign".


Because it the game dares to make the assumption that fat people are fat because they eat too much and aren't active. Lately the fat activists and their excuse makers in the media have been very busy challenging the notion that fat people eat more than fit people. Apparently from the rhetoric surrounding this game, they believe their own propaganda. I know most of you don't!

Angry Fat People Who Needs Them?

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