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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The play with your kittens workout by A101

Hey everyone and welcome to the latest in hardcore workouts

Lets get down to buisness with the latest fitness regime:

The play with your kittens workout

You will need:

: Some kittens
: Some string
: A mini toy ball

Exercise 1: The string exercise for a real bicep blast

: Sit in a comfy chair (for those of you with extra will power you may slowly and with good form, turn the t.v on)
: Dangle the string above the kittens head
: Watch it jump up for the string
: Do for 10 reps for a real pump

Exercise 2: The ball chase

: Still in your comfy chair, roll a small toy ball across the floor
: Move yur eyes from left to right as you watch the kitten chase it
: Stand up using your quadriceps and walk the 3 feet to pick up the ball
: Walk the 3 feet back to your comfy chair
: Roll the ball again for 8 reps

Exercise 3: The tummy stroke

: Sit in your comfy chair
: Pick up the kitten (if you have more then one kitten, pick up the lightest first to get a good warm up)
: Tickle the kittens tummy for 10 reps
: Check out the vascularity

Bonus exercise for the extra fit: Feeding time

Undo the can of kittie chunks
Keeping your back straight, deadlift the bowl onto the kitchen counter
Fill with kittie chunks
Deadlift the bowl back onto the floor (be careful as the bowl will now be heavier)

Congratulations, you have completed the 'Play with your kittens workout' WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(Ok some can look at this and say 'SEEEE HATE SITE', but really its just that after seeing someone on one of those boards (as we spoke about in other posts) say 'I play with my kittens and still can't lose weight', and being deadly serious..........figure it out. The point i'm trying to make is that it seems with many FA blogs, no-one seems to have any idea what exercise actually is. Its as if the everyday things we do to keep ourselves busy have now changed in definition to become athletic feats. And not losing weight from doing something as basic as dusting seems to further prove in some of these bloggers minds that 'weight loss and getting in shape the healthy way is impossible or doesn't exist'.)

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