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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Very obese wife wants me to still be attracted to her.

My wife is really obese and I am no longer attracted to her physically.  There I said it.  It feels good just to say it and not worry about how it will make her feel.  I have been reading the post on this site for weeks now and I want to post my story as well.  Maybe I will get some brilliant advice but it just feels good to finally say it.  I have been married for 15 years.  We have two beautiful children and a pretty good life.  I have a good job and my wife works part time.  Since we have been married my wife has steadily put on weight.  I gained weight with her and got really fat also but decided to change about 3 years ago.  I currently crossfit and follow and primal/paleo style of eating.  I have a very athletic build weigh about 185lbs at 5’11”.  My wife will not even tell me her weight.  She is 5’3” and I can only guess about 225lbs.  Like all marriages we have had our ups and downs but we seem to have a good relationship.  My issue is I am not attracted to the very obese woman she has become.  She is aware of this and is constantly questioning me about why I do not instigate sex or want to have sex more often.  Recently I finally admitted it was because of her weight and she was very hurt.  Her response was she can’t believe she is married to someone who cares so much about appearance.  I tried to explain that it is only natural.  It is in our genes to be attracted to fit people.  I have tried to encourage her to make some changes and exercise.  I am not expecting her to look like a fitness model or even anything close.  I just cannot get turned on by her physically.  We have discussed this recently a few times.  I even began packing her lunch to help.   I make her breakfast everyday and do lots of things to encourage her to eat better.  She still finds ways to go eat mountains of chocolate or ice cream or sugared up snacks.  She talks about wanting to exercise but she has been talking about doing that for many years.  I really want her to make a change.  I want her to be healthy and a normal weight.  When we first met she did not work out but she looked good.  We were in our early twenties and her body was curvy and sexy.  I love this woman so much.  She is such a good mom and a fantastic person.  She is very smart and so easy to talk too.  We have so much good together that I just cannot understand why she does not want to change.  She makes up some really poor excuses also for not changing.  I am worried we will be divorced but I am refusing to budge anymore.  She tries to initiate sex often lately and I turn her down which must be really hurtful and a huge blow to her ego.  What really makes me angry is she tells me I should not care how she looks.  You know the same old crap we see, read, or hear in the public about for better or worse and if you truly loved her it would not matter.  That is all crap and she knows it.  It is just an excuse.  When I lost weight and got fit she could not keep her hands off of me.  I have abs and muscles all over me and I see other women looking when we go to the pool or just in public.  I have always been a handsome guy but when I was fat no one looked.  I don’t what to do at this point.  I have told her how I feel and that she needs to really change and stop being so selfish.  I have told her that this lifestyle choice is harming our marriage, our children and her health.  So far she has done nothing.   The worst part of it is that is always so tired.  I remember being like that.  She never has energy to do anything and then has the nerve to ask me why we never do anything almost like she is blaming me.  I love her dearly but I know if I continue to be firm we may end up divorced which I do not want.  Oh and she does not have to clean the house.  I have a house keeper and she only works a part time job of 20 hours or less a week.  She does not have any excuses.  I just think she is very content with her situation and does not want to change it.  Several years ago when I was working full time and going to college full time I know she was thinking about divorce.  She began going to the YMCA with a friend and dropped 25 lbs very quickly.  Once I finished school and reconciled our marriage she has gained all the weight back and I lost 51 lbs.  I know she can do it but for some reason chooses not to do this.  Your advice is welcome.

Posted by  yorktown38 
on the  My Fat Spouse Forum


  1. Hey there,
    first off, what I'm writing to you here is not of the "taking sides" variety. Your experience and grief (you are mourning the loss of something dear to you) is valid by mere virtue of its existence.
    The saying "speak for yourself" is there to protect you as well as keep you straight. Not "everybody" is attracted to the same type, not by genetics... not by any cause or standard.

    There is a difference between fact and truth.
    Fact may be that Vanilla outsells Chocolate. When you shout out "Fuck that! Chocolate rules!" you are speaking truth as it lives within you.

    So, while it might not be helpful in a discussion or a heated argument with your spouse at a given moment, the truth that you feel "I don't want sex with you because you turn me completely off" is your being's screaming reaction.

    This is merely a preference. It is all too fashionable to knock or praise someone for preferring redheads to bald, or chubby to fit.
    You, believe it or not, don't really choose your preferences. You choose WITHIN your preferences.

    Now, what to do?

    First be honest with yourself. Do you want to roll up your sleeves and work WITH your partner to restore your relationship, including mutual sexual attraction, or are you, way down deep, just done with the whole thing?

    If you're still willing to give it an honest shot, get the two of you to a twelve-step compulsive eaters meeting. That's the airport where your trip of redemption may begin. They have truly powerful tools.

    Also, imagine your spouse a little slimmer. Would you want to have sex with her?
    I have to admit, there are people I've been attracted to (in or out of being intimately involved with them) and when that glass is broken, there's no drinking from it ever again.

    Hope this helps. Good luck out there.

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  2. I am a woman who is still a bit overweight, I am taking a few medications that make losing weight difficult but the main culprit was 8 years of steroids (now off of them for a year) for the RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) that I am afflicted with from time to time. I am a beautiful woman who cares deeply about what I look like and it has been a challenge for me to lose the weight I have gained, I have lost 50 lbs to date and still have more to go. I am horrified by what I am reading and suspect that, as usual, you are feeling your oats later in your marriage (I have seen this many times) and are using your wife's size to get out!

    You could have used many other methods to gain an alliance with your wife to get her to lose the weight such as that close link of "easy to talk to" or maybe even all those interesting observances you already have pondered about her... at any point of your losing the 51 LBS did you take her into your league? Did you offer her the challenge of being on your team? NO!! You went along ALONE and then you looked back at her and said "Ha ha... I did this and you didn't"... What a sneaky foul way to play a hand of cards!! You had NO intention of being a team with her at NO time... You are a lousy partner and pathological in your description in every manner!!!

    You explain further that she is so dependent on you and works part time... She is a Mother!!! Mothers work ALL the time!!! If I was your mate and had someone like you that had you spying my every move with such a critical eye... I would be very FAT too!!! You have used this woman for your own advancement, and have then decided that since you have beat her into the ground and made her feel like crap in the process that you will move on to something fresher... I wish whomever that woman is LUCK!!! I am so sick of men like you... From what the things you have told us about your wife if she lost your 185 LBS, she would be happier and lose her weight like a gazelle in their natural habitat!! Isn't that the permission you wanted? leave this "fantastic person"???

    Furthermore, a real man, like mine, encourages, doesn't destroy someones ego, they build it up!! BTW sex is exercise!!! So your not wanting to have sex with her is denying the very thing you want her to do... so your full argument holds no water!!

    I am so glad your publicly stating that your wives figure makes you repulsed, has made you feel good... Grow UP!!

    1. excuses, You're letting *your* personal feelings dictate your response to a situation you have very little information about. Perhaps you should grow up and learn to objectively read.

    2. Hey lady, take it easy. This man sound genuinely saddened by the position he's in and you're putting very hostile and hurtful words in his mouth. You're clearly taking issues you have in your own life out on this guy. You're not being constructive or helpful. Please shut up.

    3. Being sick and requiring meds for survival that effect your weight and what this poor man is going thru are two completely different situations.

      I can feel his pain. You didn't even mention all the loving compliments he gave her. I am a military spouse and I see it everyday. Good looking, fit, strong men and women walking around with there overweight spouses. Yes, for most of the military being fit is part of the job and they are held to those standards but every day someone is chaptered out for just staying fat. My otherwise gorgeous husband ended his 24-tear career with a very honorable discharge even though he's been between 30 and 50+ pounds overweight for the last 7 years of his career. Let's just say he was in the "special Army" which was more interested in his mind than his waist. He retired in glorious fashion. Accolades abound. All deserved. Yet, here I am, a size 6, not easy to maintain, thank you, and I cannot get him to lose weight. Yesterday he said that he thought by retiring he would get away from the pressure of Physical Fitness tests and weight control. What the hell does that mean?! I should just settle for not being able to comfortably have sex with my over eating, under nourished, sloth-like husband!? That's not fair! On our wedding day, 13 years ago, he asked me to promise that me, in the most beautiful dress I've ever seen, glowing with love, that this would be "the worst I ever look"!!!! It was funny then, I'm no longer laughing.

      I understand how this man feels. I am happy you are making changes in your life so you're no longer fat. But if what he's saying isn't constructive and just plain mean then why are you bothering? Be at and happy, or cold it be you too want a man, a hot hard bodied hunk, to lust after you just like every red blooded woman I know!?

      Leave him alone. Honestly, I think you're bitter and once you've switched to the other team, the one who works out, eats well and makes fitness a lifestyle, you'll regret what you said. Only 2 percent of obese people have a medical condition. The other 98% just need to get off their asses. How your spouse sees you, your sex life and pride in your partner should never be underestimated.

      I've gone from fitness chef, motivator to just plain pissed. Now what? Is this a deal breaker? Could be...

    4. Excuse me? How is it that women like you find it hard to believe that physical attraction is key to successful marriage? And did you even bother to read what this guy is saying? His wife does next to nothing about weight. Splurging on ice cream and chocolate bars while she weighs like that; why, what respect, I wonder can one credit her with if she behaves like that? So you're telling us that while this guy's wife shoves her face on high-calorie snacks he has no right to complain? You did call him a lousy partner. I wonder what sort of theory is brewing up that head yours. Ever heard of unbiased thinking? Man. I'd be hard-pressed to find someone as narrow-minded as you.

    5. Youre obviously only upset because youre fat.

  3. I respect your honesty and urge you to continue standing up for yourself. Life is too short to be unhappy or, like the poster above me, make excuses for everything.

    Let me tell you a story, I had a broken neck. 6 weeks out of recovery I was doing bodyweight exercises because the inactivity and medication had me starting to put on weight. So I don't buy into very many excuses.

    Stand up for yourself, 'Here is my bottom line and here are the consequences'. I get angry at the comments to the effect of 'if you loved her, you;d accept how she is". If she loved you, she would make genuine effort to remain attractive to you.

    Create a bottom line and stick to it.

  4. I think the best thing to do is to get into some couples counseling, so you have a safe space to honestly express how you feel. It's important that you be physically attracted to your wife, and she has a major role in that (as you have a role in maintaining yourself for her).

    It sounds like she needs someone other than you to explain how this thing works: if she's fat, it's not fun to have sex with her. Curvy is not the same as fat. She needs to step her game up.

    I don't think there's really anything you can do by yourself, unfortunately. I don't think 'laying down the law' will help either. You need an impartial third party. Get in couples therapy for the sake of your kids.

  5. Sounds like you have a great marriage in all aspects but this one issue. Personally if I found someone I love as much as you love your wife I wouldn't much care what she looked like we all fall apart eventually anyway. You wanna be in shape be in shape she wants to be who she is, either accept it fully or move on.

  6. I could sympathize with you up to the point where you mentioned that you refuse to have sex with her and turn her advances down. That right there tells me that you're an incredibly selfish person.
    Before you think that I don't know what it's like to be in your shoes, I'll inform you that I'm very much in the same position. I've always had a major dislike for fat, and lo and behold, I marry someone that seems to not be able to control that very thing that turns me off so much. There are other areas in our relationship that are lacking (and I believe those are also caused by the obesity problem. She can't enjoy things that I enjoy like camping, hiking..etc, because it's uncomfortable to her and obviously too much work. If she was skinny it would be no problem at all).
    To refuse her, or to stop romancing her (even when I literally feel repulsed by her looks) is absolutely NOT acceptable to me. I married her. that means I do not belong to me anymore in a sense. I belong to her as well. So yes, there are times when I'm literally turned off, yet I reach over and "embrace the frog"... and guess what, some feelings do come back and I'm able to enjoy hugging her, making her feel loved, and having sex with her. Yes, sometimes it's very frustrating because I think things would be a lot better if we were both in optimum shape, but it is not right to withhold affection when you made a promise to "love and cherish". This generation is all about me me me me... and has forgotten about right and wrong. And even though the fat is a big turnoff, I can find things that do turn me on. She is 5'3" and definitely weighs a lot more than your wife.

  7. I totally get where you are coming from. I am in a similar situation; long story short I gave up my entire life and dreams for my soon-to-be ex-wife. She not only gained tons of weight while faking an injury, but completely went back on her word to find a job so that we could work together to build a wonderful life. Instead I ended up having to work two (and at one point 3 jobs) at one time and going back to school to make a good life while she settled on a 10-hour-a-week job and her excuse for not getting a full time, or at least a 25 hour a week job? That her entire paycheck would go to child care and that's why she couldn't get a real job.

    So essentially it was alright for me to work like a slave, but she wasn't willing to do anything to help me. I got so sick and tired of being a slave, I decided I wanted a divorce. I was good to her, very good to her. Soon as I told her I wanted a divorce, she started spreading lies about me all through out town. She even went so far to say that I was abusive to her and our son and that she felt that she was in danger for her life because of me. Now, once the divorce is final, I have to move because my reputation has been so damaged by her allegations.

    There isn't anything wrong with expecting your spouse to take care of themselves. When you allow your body to go, your life expectancy drops and why would you want your partner to be without you because you chose not to take care of yourself? Why would you expect your partner to do everything alone because you want to do nothing at all? I stopped being attractive to my ex wife not just because she put on weight, if she truly had a medical issue it wouldn't matter, but because she was lazy, a user and a liar. I just couldn't handle it anymore.

    The previous commentor says that you're selfish because you didn't want to have sex with your wife? I say your wife is selfish for not taking your constructive critique of her lifestyle and at least start joining you in getting into shape.

  8. So does her selfishness give him license to be selfish? NO, I might be totally turned off by my wife, but if she wants sex, I give it to her because I promised to love her. My love is not going to be conditional. Giving her "conditional love" is the worst thing you can do and is pretty much guaranteed to end in divorce. I'm curious about the original poster if there's an update.

    1. Please stop with the rubbish. How do you have sex with someone youre not attracted to? Please, teach us this magic trick O wise one.

  9. Due to unhappiness in the marriage, maybe your wife no longer feels loved given that you have told her you no longer feel attracted to her and has turn to food for comfort. Emotional eating and food addiction is very common with heavier woman.

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