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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tracking My Fat Spouse's Progress...LORD, will it work this time?

For Father's Day 2010, I got an interesting gift from my spouse.  P90X the in-home fitness program.  At that point, the spouse exclaimed that she was going to commit to losing 100+ pounds between then and May 2011.  Looking back on her track record, I believed she would commit and succeed.  Days became weeks...weeks became months... by NewYear 2011, only 10 pounds had dropped.  She hadn't followed P90X (Yes, it is an extreme in-home workout program) even with the most liberal of modifications.

I, on the other hand, committed.  By NewYear, I lost 22 lbs down from 222 - 200 lbs.  I went down from waist size 38" to 36".  All this was lived out in front of her as she would sit back and not bash but praise my success.

My success finally had a breakthrough at the end of February.  She began to express an interest in joining me for some core routine workouts.  Now, it is March 9th.  We are finishing up our third week of "Couple's Core" workouts nightly for 25 minutes.  This small change adding physical exertion to the rest of her efforts (diet and HCG), has netted her a 25 lb weight loss :)

For the HEALTH of it (she has no cartilage in her knees and is in pain as a result of the 300+ lbs resting on them over the past 25 years)...I can't stand by and watch her flush this motivation down the toilette.  I really want her to follow through with this effort and goal of becoming a candidate for total knee replacement.  I am afraid the family only has about 1-5 years left of life with a mother around if she cashes it all in for another round of setbacks and giving into the monster of self indulging narcissism comforted by her best friend in life...FOOD.

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