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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Intuitive Eating

This is just so ridiculous.

Your body doesn't send magical signals resulting in a craving whenever it is deficient in some macro nutrient or vitamin.  That isn't how cravings work.  We evolved to "crave" high caloric density foods because those are the "best bang for the buck" in a food-scarce environment.  We crave fat, salt, and sugar.  That's part of our animal instinct.  What separates us from animals is the ability to ignore cravings and eat based on what we know is best for us, not based on satisfying some primal urge.

Cravings are also based on our own personal tastes-what we like.  Chemicals are released when we eat certain foods, and we enjoy getting a chemical high from them and become addicted to them.   These addictions fade with time, and eventually the cravings subside.  That doesn't mean you're "broken" and "have an eating disorder" because you "don't know how to listen to your body."  It's because you've weaned yourself off a chemical addiction.

Making food choices based on satisfying an urge or addiction is not "listening to your body" and is most certainly not healthy.  Making informed food choices based on a healthy, balanced, diet that is proportionate to your needs as defined by your age, weight, height, activity level, etc. is.

This stupid FA stuff just really gets me going.  I cannot abide all this new age pseudo science BS they constantly spout.

I count or roughly eyeball calories and try to get my fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc. in on weekdays. On weekends I am more relaxed with it.  I also eat a bunch of protein shakes/bars because I am trying to gain muscle/lift weights now. 

I think it's fine to eat what you want every now and then. That's perfectly fine. I just don't like the conflation of a craving with some sort of magical signal that always tells you what your body needs *right now* because that's absurd.  I don't think people need to be neurotic monks with food.  I just don't like this nonsensical pseudoscience.

They say that "intuitive eating" makes sense because every now and then they crave and feel like a salad too, which is ridiculous.  Of course we all want veggies every now and then.  Vegetables taste good.  They are a good palate cleanser and make you feel better.  Just because you eat vegetables when you feel like it, and that's healthy, doesn't mean eating cheesecake when you feel like it is "healthy eating."

Eating a salad isn't healthy because it's a response to a craving for salad.  Eating salad is healthy because SALAD IS HEALTHY.

posted by "former fatty" on the My Fat Spouse forum.


  1. Fat Bastard of the NEW fat acceptance movement also thinks intuitive eating is a bunch of shit. For anyone who knows Fat Bastard knows that the new fat acceptance proudly promotes gluttony. Intuitive eating and the idea of listening to hunger cues is simply gluttony in denial.

    At we believe gluttony is good. Soon glutton will rule the world.

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