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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Fun Fitness List

1) Wii: Any game, so long as you are standing and getting into it. I am about to go play some Wii now as a matter of fact. Batter UP!

2) Motorcycling: It doesn't sound like exercise does it? But try driving a bike through twisting mountain roads and holding yourself upright as the wind threatens to knock you off your bike. It's not easy controlling 800lbs of steel between your legs.

3) Pool games... Marco Polo, sharks and minnows, diving and splash competitions... all things that make you feel exhausted. If you are near a lake a rope swing is a GREAT form of exercise. Swing out, hold on and let go and swim back as fast as you can to take another jump.

4) King of the BED! Get your significant other and pretend that the bed is a raft on a molten pool of lava. Yes the floor is lava and you are trying to toss the other person in. Tickling and pillow fighting is allowed. You'll be exhausted and it's great bonding time.

5) Household olympics... I play this one every once in a while. You make chores speed contests. Get two loads of laundry and see how can fold them up and put them away quickest. Each pick a bathroom and speed through cleaning it totally. Vacuum races. The winner gets to pick where the loser is taking them on a date. It's fun and you are exhausted and you make your spouse happier because you are doing your part to keep up the house.

6) Newspaper/Nerf Sword fights: Look, nothing says fun like rolling up a newspaper or grabbing a nerf bat and playing pirate or jedi knight or whatever. If the touch your leg you lose it and have to keep fighting while hopping up and down, get touched on the arm and it's the same thing, you got to use the other one. Play until you are both exhausted and then go do something else.

7) Hike to someplace fun: I live on the schukyll river near a national park. You can walk or bike down the river and run into small hamlets and villages with coffee shops, cafe's and quaint shopping all along the river.

8) MUSEUM JUMPING: Ever been to a huge museum or zoo? Well, you walk you ass off and climb stairs. So go do it. Then have a light lunch nearby at some cafe outdoors and drink a glass of wine and talk about the worst art you saw.

That's all I got for now. But hopefully you will all have ideas to add

posted by Crash on the My Fat Spouse forum.

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