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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Fan of the Fat-0-Sphere

The Fat Acceptance Movement is perhaps the greatest source of (unintentional) satire since the onion. I have noticed that some folks on the famous My Fat Spouse forum people also have a fondness for my favorite FA blogger, Vesta44. Rarely in life can you find a person so willing to talk about how healthy she is and how her weight causes her no problems while at the same time admitting that she cannot walk 2 blocks without getting winded and has to use the mobility cart in Walmart.

I also love the irony that runs rings around almost ANYTHING can be considered Fat Hate. Big Fat Blog just about had a meltdown discussing the BIGOTRY of CNN since CNN had the gaul to feature an article on a man who lost weight. It seems like nothing short of complete delusion will render one free of fat hatred.

I found My Fat Spouse from a link in babble. I had been reading the fatospere for a few months now. I am starting a business and have a lot of free time as a result of procrastinating, so I tend to read tons of FA blogs. I have no idea how I found them but their delusions amazed me. I found it so funny I had to keep going back.

I should say I have no problem with fat people. Heck I actually like them and, for business reasons, hope there will be more. I am a libertarian and truly believe that everyone has the right to live life the way they want to. If you want to be fat, great more power to you. I even appreciate the FA concept of not hating yourself/your body. If you are going to be fat anyway you might as well have a positive outlook on it.

Where FA goes off the deep end and the reason I love it is their AMAZING system of denial. They are convinced that food, exercise, calories, and lifestyle have NOTHING to do with fat, and they go to great lengths to prove it to themselves. rather they are fat due to genetics, setpoints, and dieting. I think one of the reasons that FA 90% women is that men are more likely to admit to eating poorly and being lazy.

Other than Vesta44 (who I actually feel bad for) my favorite is FattyPattys, their distinguished Dr. and author. sadly her blog conveniently died shortly after she was diagnosed with Diabetes. Also has anyone here heard of Kell Brennen? I think I fount the Fatosphere right after she left it but from her comments ar FattyPattys and elsewhere she seems like she would have been the best of them all; a militantly angry fat woman who is completely convinced food has nothing to do with fat and is determined to tell the world. Sadly I can find nothing about here other than a few vestigial comments.

posted by Furio on the My Fat Spouse forum


  1. Kell's last name was Brigan. But your guess was correct--she was the one of "best" i.e. far out there of the FA folks.

    Over at Shapely Prose, there was a guest blogger who was going to have WLS. This woman weighed over 500 pounds and suffered a variety of indignities related to her weight. She could no longer wipe herself, so she always showered after using the toilet. If at work, she just held it in and if she couldn't, spent the rest of the day wondering if her co-workers could smell her. Her mother had to bathe her. She got out of breath walking from her room to the bathroom. Kell's charming reaction to her decision to have WLS:

    "Heidi, you’re lying to yourself. You’re making an incredible mistake."

    "Most importantly, you have not made your case. Where is your HARD EVIDENCE that WLS will not kill you? WIll not leave you at almost exactly the weight you are now? Will not result in multiple organ failure, and further disability?"

    She went on to claim, as she did on quite a few occasions:

    "Exercise has almost no impact on body weight, i.e. no more than about a five pound weight loss (proven by U.S. Davis, Leeds University, the Cooper Institute, corroberated by the CDC.) NOONE has ever proven any connection between exercise and weight loss beyong 5 pounds."


    "No one anywhere has ever shown that fat people eat more than thinner people."

    She said the exact same things in a number of places. Out of all the FA folks, she seemed like the one most in flight from reality.

    Unfortunately, she deleted her blog. But as you said, you can find bits and pieces showing her lunacy.

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