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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Depression Excuse

This has come up in some threads, and I think it is about time it was addressed: the "depression" excuse, as in my husband/wife is overeating because he/she is struggling with depression.

I have experienced some severe depressions in my life -- and most of them in my post-fat phase.

However, I didn't use that an excuse to stop exercising and start over-eating.

If you are depressed, alternatives to using food to alleviate your feelings include:

Exercise (even if it just means walking)
Support groups
Talking to friends and family
Taking pro-active steps to change your life
Volunteer service (to get out of your self-absorption)
Art therapy (such as painting, writing, or drama)
Eating healthier foods! Especially more raw greens!

I don't mention medication because my experience with pills has been consistently negative, though St. John's Wort offered some very mild relief.

But when you are depressed, you can chose to tackle it in a healthy way, or you can turn to the bottle, the needle, or KFC. The idea that one is helpless over one's weight gain during a depression is more bull peddled by fat apologists.

Posted by Rick1 on the My Fat Spouse Forum.
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