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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Letter from RN Disgusted with Obesity

Dear My Fat Spouse,

I need to vent...not about a fat spouse but of fat patients.

I'm a nurse and work in a hospital. I LOVE helping people and enjoy my job. Yet, having to take care of patients that weight 400-600pds is so extremely exhausting, not only physically but mentally!!

Most of these patients are so manipulating and selfish, but most of all LAZY! They don't want to move a muscle...but demands that we move their legs, arms, roll them over, etc.

It's unbelievable how lazy they are! My patient last night wouldn't even lift up his arm to take a drink of water, and yes, he is very able to raise his arms...he does all the time to eat!

And the smell is horrible! My co-worker had to leave the room to gag and throw up because the odor from his crotch area was so overwhelmingly disgusting...and the sight was ten times as worse!

How can these people except anyone to have sex with them when they can't or won't even wipe their own a$$!

These people are ssoooo demanding...on the call light every 5 minutes...whining around..wanting attention.

Morbidly obese people are not only a hardship on their families...they are a hardship on most everyone around them!

It's as if they think the world owes them something because they are too fat and lazy to help themselves.

Good Grief!!

Thanks for listening!


Rachel the RN

Rachel, you definitely found the right place to vent about this.

I for one would really like to hear more from nurses and doctors. Several weeks ago I was in Louisiana visiting my Nanny (grandma) who was passing away.

She was obese and in a lot of pain as a result. I witnessed the burden she was to the hospital staff. Demanding? I don't think so but that's most likely because she was pretty much constantly on morphine and as a result out of it.

I felt especially empathetic for the staff as most of them were woman, and quite petite (not sure if that's the best description) at that.

I had mixed emotions. I was sad for the pain she was going through but, also very aware that it was a direct result of her choice of lifestyle and that she really is the one to blame for her own misery.

I know this is not very politically correct to say, but I have long maintained that their is an element of selfishness to many people's obesity.

We see this in when these people use electric fat carts and expect for people to make way for them simply because they are obese.

Juxtapose this with what they are saying over on the Fat Acceptance Blogs, about medical professionals being insensitive to fat patient needs, and blaming all their health problems on their weight.

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