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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Killer at Large Free Teacher/Educator Edition

ShineBox Media Productions announced today that copies of their critically acclaimed film, “Killer at Large”, will be made available free for school teachers for use in the classroom. A special twenty-minute version of the film has been assembled by the filmmakers and is perfect for affording teachers enough time to discuss the complex issues raised in the film in the space of one class period.

The award-winning “Killer at Large” explores the multi-faceted obesity epidemic facing the United States. Producer Bryan Young insists the problem is so large that, “we felt it was very important to get as many people as we can to discuss an issue that the last few Surgeons General have warned us is the biggest threat to our country today. Classrooms are the perfect place for that discussion and, to that end, we thought it was vital to offer teachers an opportunity to show important excerpts from the film and discuss with students the issues they face in the world in regard to obesity.”

Executive Producer Dr. Shawn Talbott said, “As a Nutritionist and educator, I have seen the direct firsthand impact of bringing ‘Killer At Large’ into the classroom as a platform for teachers and students to begin a discussion about the causes and solutions to the obesity epidemic.“

“Killer at Large” has been screened on college campuses and used by university professors around the country, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Tufts, and many others. The film features interviews and footage of notable experts and celebrities speaking on the topic of the American obesity epidemic including Former President Bill Clinton, Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, Ralph Nader, Dr. Kelly Brownell, Dr. Marion Nestle, and bestselling authors Michael Pollan and Chef Ann Cooper, among many others.

For a free copy of the special classroom version (plus shipping and handling), all teachers have to do is sign up at the films official website ( starting Wednesday, September 16, 2009.

For more information, or if you’re a teacher and would like to sign up for your free classroom copy, please visit

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