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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carlin's Fat Rant Removed!

I am not being an alarmist here but You Tube has removed George's Fat Rant. All other Carlin videos are there. His anti American and anti God videos remain with all their vulgarity but for some reason his anti fat comments and routine are gone.

As you know I am anti censorship but we are in an information war here. We need to go on the attack. We need to shut down and or hinder people in the FA movement. We need to give those bastards constipation. WE ARE THE MINORITY! We are becoming oppressed and censored. It is happening incrementally and more and more political correctness is invading our already decadent and dishonest culture.

I really really like My Fat Spouse but it only speaks to one issue that can be easily solved simply by dumping the spouse who refuses to not be fat. I really feel for the children in these households. They didn't ask to be born to selfish and greedy parents whose food lust trumps their parental responsibility. They have no voice and they have no choice. My grand childrens' grand parents on their mother's side are eating themselves to death. They both suffer the comorbidities associated with obesity. I don't want my grand kids exposed to that. I don't want them riding in a car with a driver who has one foot in the grave. I don't want them seeing the behaviors of cardiac cripples. I don't want them attending their funerals when they are still little kids.

Maybe MFS should think about expanding its mission... but maybe not. I used to attend Alanon meetings. One groups was an adult children's group. When that groups disbanded (most were out of town college kids) I went to a mixed group where most of the people were spouses. They drove me nuts! You were not supposed to give advice and we were told that we were as sick as the drunk. That was a load of crap. One evening I could not take the whining and I told this whining woman that the odds of her abusive drunk of a husband of reforming were slim and none and that she had better get while the gettin is good. It just pissed me off that people who were being abused by a brutal drunk were told that part of it was somehow their fault. This entire blame the victim mentality needs to stop. That abused woman did not choose to be abused and her behavior due to the crap society had filled her head with became so segregated from her rational emotions that she some how came to believe that her stinking cowardly drunk of a husband was drinking and beating her because some BS blue book told her that she had some how enabled him to do it. Her rational behavior that would be consistent with her rational emotions would be to douse her abusive husband in gasoline while he sleeps and roast him to death providing she were afraid to leave him.

Perhaps there should be support groups for spouses who are married to a fatling. Fattanon? Hmm sounds pretty good. We need to make the rules. We need to create the popular notions. We need to boldly tell the unpopular truth. As you know I do all that and I meet with resistance for those truth and for my personal style.

If you are married to a fatling then chances are you were deceived and now you feel stuck, betrayed and gypped. Those are rational feelings and you need not apologize for them but on the other hand fatlings DO need to apologize for their size and for the size of their gluttony. While you are married to a fatling you are indeed a victim. When you leave or if that fatling reforms then you can consider yourself a survivor.

They censored a voice of reason like George Carlin. Don't let them censor you.

C.G. Brady posted this on the My Fat Spouse Social Network


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