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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Failure of Your Fat Spouse's Doctor by C.G. Brady

Over the past 35 years the medical profession has gone from a group of healers to a group of self serving rich bums. That's right, the vary group that has sworn to do no harm manages to kill 130,000 patients per year through its countless blunder and lack of concern for the health and well being of the people it claims to serve. Often fat people turn to these charlatans for help for their obesity and these charlatans have nothing to offer them that works and why should they? Fat people mean BIG $$$$$ for Dr Greed. Fat people require much more medical care than lean people and the medical profession knows this all to well. Fat cows are cash cows.

The normal spouse will often get accused of being an enabler but we all know that is simply a blame the victim tactic employed by society and the fat spouse. The biggest enablers are the doctor and the medical science community. Yeah I know medical science is a bit of a oxymoron. Doctors are constantly salving fat patients with their Bandaid approach by treating the symptoms of gluttony instead of its cause as result the fat patient reasons that if the Deity/doctor can't help them than they certainly cannot help themselves. This attitude is further buttressed by the junk science reported in the press that there is some chemical in the brains of mice that causes humans to get fat. Maybe someone need to tell the mice that because so far there is no obesity epidemic in the mouse community.

Doctors need to treat the causes of obesity. The cause for most obesity is plain old fashioned gluttony. I know, a doctor cannot come right out and tell a patient he or she is fat because they chronically and willfully eat too much. That sort of honesty has fallen victim to political correctness. Physician means teacher. The doctor needs to educate not lecture. The doctor needs to let the patient know exactly by how much he or she is over eating. The doctor needs to say "you are over eating by X amount of calories. I need you to go online and come up with some meal plans that add up in calories to the correct amount for you to safely lose weight. Can you do that? then I want you to bring bring back your home work so that we can go over it." Good luck with that! No doctor will do that. It is beneath them but you can do for your spouse what your doctor won't. Try it. Like chicken soup it couldn't hurt.

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