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Friday, June 27, 2008

Photoshop Myth

When our My Fat Spouse is discussed in other circles I often hear complaints that "fit" spouses are comparing their wives and husbands to the "photo shopped" ideal that is found in magazines.

Magazines and advertising images are an easy target, because the people in them are sooooo perfect, and we know that they aren't really that perfect in real life.

As a result we get public service announcements to tell us the obvious. Some of them are entertaining none the less.

Of course the reality is that most people don't expect real life partners to look like this. Why?, because we don't see them in our daily lives because they don't exist.

After running this site for darn near two years, I can state that the regulars don't want a photo shopped magazine model for a spouse. When they do their comparing to determine just how much their spouse has "let themselves go" they look at people in their own peer group.

Friends, family, coworkers etc., who are approximately the same age. I really wish we could put this straw man argument to rest, but I suspect we will have to deal with for some time to come.

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