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Friday, June 27, 2008

Talking PAST Fat Acceptance by Chris

With the more moderate elements of Fat Acceptance recognizing this site's existence, and in turn engaging in a somewhat respectful dialog with us, I feel we are losing site of a couple of facts.

First, the moderate part of fat acceptance is a small minority in the Fat o sphere. With the exception of Mopie's BFD blog, the moderate bloggers are in terms of internet traffic, big time light weights.

Traffic Rankings of FA Bloggers.

1. Kate Harding's Shapely Prose (far and a way)
2. The Rachel's (and rising)
3. Mopie's (holding firm)
4. Big Fat Blog (slipping due to neglect and possession of a penis)

We rank right in with 2 3 4 (depending on the week)*

Did you notice that the extremist fat acceptance types have the highest rankings?

All the other bloggers rank way way way down in the basement (Barely measurable).
In fact my occasionally updated ( beats all of them easily.

What I am saying is that moderate FA types are a distinct minority.

Secondly, When we are debating with Fat Acceptance we should think of ourselves as debaters on the same stage, presenting our arguments, to the audience of both fat and fit people, who have yet to make up their minds about the debate.

Here lately there are a lot of folks that think there is some kind of gap to bridge to mutual understanding that will solve the rift. THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Sure we can convince the more moderate elements of Fat Acceptance that we don't wear horns, but reaching an agreement with FA generally consists of us conceding some of their points, and they conceding very little of ours.

While I think there is nothing wrong with discussing the subject with more moderate HAES people, I don't think that we should spend a lot of time finding a middle ground. The hard core element of FA represents the vast, VAST majority of movement, and they will never acknowledge us or moderate any part of their views toward the reasonable side of the spectrum.

IMO, we should cater our arguments toward the the person that googles "is fat acceptance a good idea?"

*previous to about a month ago was ranked higher than all of these sites. changed its ranking system at that time. While the top ranked FA blogs get more viewers that MFS, the average audience leaves after viewing 1 to 2 pages. MFS, gets less viewers, but the ones that do come to view many many pages, averaging 20 to 50 page views.

Alexa changed the rankings to weight number of unique viewers higher than the number of pages they view.

Chris is the founder of My Fat Spouse

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