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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hoping he will be asleep by the time I get home...

I've just stumbled across this site and I feel like FINALLY!!! Somewhere I can say the things I really think without feeling like a total s**t.

Im a very fit and athletic woman. I enjoy exercising for exercise sake but i also like to keep in shape. When I met my partner (not married but together 4 years - is that cheating?), he wasnt intentionally physically active but he worked renovating houses which is obviously quite physical and this kept him in good shape.

However in the last year or so business has taken off and he now hires people to do the renovations so his weight has slowly crept up. Further, my work involves a lot of travel abroad and most recently I was away for almost 6 months (with the occasional long weekend home). When im home, we eat quite healthily as i do most of the shopping and cooking but when i was away he ate out constantly and lived on take aways, junk food and beer. In this time alone, he has gained approximately 20 pounds and in total in the last year probably about 35 pounds.

He's quite tall so you'd think he may be able to carry it off but unfortunately it seems to have all gone to his belly and, dare i say, breasts! Yes, my partner now has man-boobs!

I have tried a few subtle hints, even signing us both up to a new gym just opened locally but he jokingly laughs off his new-found bosom; he actually calls them 'the girls!' If i was around long enough i could possibly gain some ground by restricting what he eats but unfortunately in another two months i have an assignment away.

I actually feel physically repulsed by him, and i am so ashamed to admit that. Unfortunately it manifests itself in irritability at everything he says or does and we bicker constantly about the smallest things. I have found I have began to stay out late with friends or colleagues hoping he will be asleep by the time I get home so we do not have to have sex. Ive told a few good friends but they think im overreacting or being terribly shallow and I also feel like I cant tell them the full extent of my disgust at it would be a betrayal to our relationship.

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