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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Does Everyone Deserve a Fit Spouse

I was wondering, is everyone entitled to a good life?
This is not the "You surf porn so your wife has the moral right to be fat. Ha!" argument. I am not saying that to deserve a spouse who is fit, one must be completely issue free. No one is perfect. But if someone has A LOT of issues and shortcomings, could it be that they simply don't deserve to have what they want? I went to Ohio State U, and nor Harvard, for a reason. I didn't deserve Harvard, on many levels.

For example, if a wife stays home and lets her husband pay all the bills, has a tad of an overspending problem, doesn't really keep the house clean, and "doesn't have time to cook dinner" most nights of the week, does she really deserve a husband who is not obese?

If an unemployed man watches TV everyday, instead of putting all his energy into looking for work and has a tendency to yell just a bit too much, does he deserve a wife who is not obese?

I am not saying that one spouse's problems caused the other's obesity. Not at all. I'm saying that, perhaps, people with good qualities can attract good quality mates, and some people are lucky to have someone at all. Beggars can't be choosers.

I know that on this forum, there are lots of spouses, who are good people and deserve good partners. A lot of you aren't perfect, but it's obvious that you could find someone better than your spouses, easily. That's what so frustrating and heartbreaking about your situations.
However, I've come across many people who force many problems and issues on the world around them, and then complain about their partners being fat. To them I say: Fix yourselves and get someone getter. Until then, you are exactly where you belong.
What do you guys think? Is a compulsive overspender entitled to a spouse who is not an alchoholic? Is a heroin addict entitled to a partner who is employed?

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