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Monday, May 20, 2013

Answers for Excuses

1. I don't have time

Answer: Do you have time to watch television? Do you have time to play on the computer and surf the web? Then you have time to do some exercise! TIVO the shows she is insistant on seeing.

Offer to help her make time if she's overwhelmed with work and home life. Take a 30 minute walk together. It will only help. Exercise DOES NOT have to be a 2 hour production involving half an hour each way driving and an hour working out/showering/etc.

2. I don't have energy and just want to go to sleep.

Answer: The best way to get more energy is to exercise. You'll feel renewed, and sleep better! Don't reach for coffee if it keeps you up. Part of feeling tired could also be not drinking enough water, or overdoing it on carbs, having sugar crashes or having a heavy meal.

3. I'm too out of shape to run/My knees hurt

Answer: Bought a used eliptical and a universal machine for dirt cheap from the internet. <-can't argue this one! It's a good excuse killer. Also point out bicycling and stretching or yoga would probably be good things to do as well.

 4. I work out, but I never see results

 Answer: Learn the right way to work out, no sissy excercises. I showed my fiance that when she lifted weights (which, unfortunately was well over a year ago) she was lifting too little.....I DOUBLED the weight and she was still able to get in 12 reps Don't use the word "wussy" with her or "sissy". It fuels the negative self image she already is fighting to shed. Further to add to this... results take time to see. Even more time if you are not pushing yourself properly. If you can do 3 sets of 12 reps... you need to up the weight.

5. working out is boring

Answer: Then do something fun while excercising. I learned to turn jogging into running, as a sport, to play on my competetive side. During the winter I watch TV while lifting or running on the treadmill. I'd be watching TV anway! Play group sports or basketball with her. Join an indoor sports team now that it's getting colder outside. Exercise doesn't have to be what people think. A long walk at the mall, a hike outdoors, a walk in the park, are all exercise.

6. I'm sick/have alergies and can't breath well

 Answer: There is no such thing as a stuffed up runner....excercising produces natural decongestants...I also take a benedryle and asthma inhaler before I excercise due to my moderate asthma Allergies can be controlled by a number of factors. Exercise won't make them worse. If you have cats and animals in the house, consider getting rid of them. If someone smokes they should quit. Benadryl causes sleepiness and its effectiveness diminishes because the medication builds up in your system. Find a better method of contolling allergies if a chronic condition. There are a number of long acting asthma medications that could help her. Further, not being able to breath well is tied to obesity. The exercise would open up her lungs and increase her oxygen carrying capacity. That in turn would help with her feelings of fatigue.

7. I'm too fat to work out in public

 Answer: If you can't be seen excercising, then why is daily living any better. If you can't suck it up work out at home. I wouldn't tell her to suck it up at home. Tell her nothing is as heroic and inspirational to other people as seeing someone who is heavy take charge of thier health. Iterate that if ANYONE says a negative word to her, that they'll be having a "come to jesus" meeting with you. It helps to enforce that "I'm in it with you" mentality. Additionally, many women don't like working out in public. But they dont' have a problem shopping or eating in public. So don't allow her to be self conscious. Ask her to be a hero and example to other people struggling with their weight. Of course, don't let her over do it either. She shouldn't be engaging in running if she has knee trouble.

8. I don't want you to see me excercising since I'm so fat and embarased

Answer:Tell her you want to work out with her because when you do things together that you feel closer to her. That it makes you feel like your part of the solution and it's very important for you to feel connected to her during this. Promise no judgements and that you won't try to take over her work out. That you'll only point out if there is a problem with form or safety reasons. All else failing, you can always look at the read out from the elipetical and tell she's working out. What she needs to hear is that you find her attractive and love to see her work out because it really makes you feel closer to her. JUST MY SUGGESTIONS Remember, don't call things wussy exercise... try telling her, I know you can raise the bar. I've seen such progress. Let's both try a little more weight, time, incline, resistence, etc. And follow it with, you're doing SO great! Trust me, it'll make a difference.

Some other happy tips.

After she works out and gets out of the shower at home... have a big towel ready for her that you threw in the dryer for a few minutes with a fabric softener sheet. It'll come out very warm and soft. When she steps out, wrap it around her and give her a kiss and say... I figured you might get cold.

Trust me, you get MAJOR points for this. Also bringing her ice cold water while she works out doing cardio is another big plus.

These little things are good for affirming her belief that you are still interested in her. And it goes a VERY long way towards motivating her to work out. No cardio, no shower with warm towel service.

And it doesn't take but 30 seconds of your time

Good luck!

Brother Crash a regular contributer to My Fat Spouse

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