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Friday, March 26, 2010

"Why did I get married"

I watched a television movie over the weekend entitled, "Why did I get married", which featured a fictional group of friends whose marriages all suffer from one challenge or another. I'm more into action and comedies, but thought I'd give it a try. I mention it here because the dynamic of one couple centered around her obesity/his infidelity. As the movie progressed, I found myself mystified and grouchy over how our society continues to perpetuate the obese martyr concept, which necessitates there be a villain(the fit spouse). As expected, the marriage failed, then the fat wife found herself a better, nicer, handsomer man, who loved her no matter what, so she just naturally dropped the pounds(yeah right), whilst her ex-husband was left to regret his bad choice. I've seen this dysfunctional theme repeated over and over again, both in fictional characters, and here on this forum. The fact is, if you love your spouse and want your marriage to succeed, you will keep it and yourself healthy. And, as a woman, I must say loud and clear, the human form is not appealing when distorted by obesity, and if you can't push your caboose up the hill, how the hell can you expect to sexually engage your spouse? Everything is compromised. You can't live a full, happy life unless/until you reclaim your health. You can't effectively contribute toward a wholesome marriage until you yourself are balanced.

Posted by Ann on the My Fat Spouse Forum

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