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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peeping Tom's Tale

I was re-reading Chris's " How to Force Yourself to Find Fat Attractive" Blog post the other day when I was suddenly flooded with childhood memories. You see, when I was about twelve my parents bought a little house that sat in the middle of a block of houses the railroad company built for its workers around the turn of the century. The lots were long and skinny and the house sat about three or four feet apart. I could actually jump from our side door steps to the neighbors steps. The family next door had two teenage girls and as luck would have it the older daughter's bedroom window faced my own. I'll call her Jane. Jane was a tall, slender, friendly cheerleader at the local high school. I really did try and resist temptation. I tried to be a good boy. I didn't want to invade my new neighbor's privacy, but she just didn't pull her shade all the way down. A routine was quickly established and to this day I still cherish the memory. This is a little embarrassing. I never thought I'd be admitting this to something like this to anybody in the world who cared to read it. Oh, well. Tragedy struck about a year later when the neighbor's out of town niece moved in. She had been accepted to the University. I think she was studying agriculture. I'd say she was about five foot nine and at least two hundred and twenty pounds. They say we are more closely related to our cousins than our grandparents. Why people of such a similar genetic pool can be so many shapes and sizes can only be explained by environment. The niece was nurtured on a dairy farm and I think that pretty much messed up what nature could have given her. She wasn't much too look at. She was lumpy in all the wrong places. You've probably guessed where this is going. It wasn't long after she moved in that Jane moved into her sister's room on the other side of the house. Sadly the dairy queen not only didn't pull the shade all the way down, she usually left it all the way up! I pulled mine all the way down. I saw far more than I wanted to see of and I'll even admit to having a look. The thing is, looking at Jane's athletic body in a bra and panties was pretty exciting and to a boy of thirteen, immediately arousing. Peeking around the shade at the neighbor's farm fed niece was simply an act of curiosity and boredom. I'll have you know I did not grow up to be a peeping pervert. My point is, if I'm wired anything like most men, this is the reason why you will never force me to find fat attractive.

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