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Saturday, January 23, 2010

If you complain about a fat spouse... By A101

If you complain about a fat spouse STFU!! -

A tiny thread from some blog most people havnt heard of. But anyway,it spouts the same old idea of if you dont find your overweight partner attractive then you'e bad, never loved them and yada ya.

When will these people realise the differacne between love and attraction and that to have a proper full relationship, many need to have EVERYTHING there.

These people say 'right on its personality not looks', but the thing is, if thats fine for them then great, however to me that type pf partner just sounds like a friend.

People still need a sex life and if looks aren't needed for YOu then fine, but to think that they are irrelevant or 'just packaging' for EVERYONE is stupid.

A person changes when they get older as they say, but they don't to the point of massive weight gains, naturally. That comes from not looking after yourself.

So in the style of words of this blogger 'If you have a fat spouse, shut the fuck up'. It doesn't matter if your partner doesn't look after themselves, therefore taking your sexlife, also causing frustration and resentment to build, because you are a normal human being and physical attraction is an important part of attraction as any other.

You should love them anyway............oh wait you DO, as everyone on here shows, they want their partner to be healthier aswell as look after the physcial side so everything is there for their relationship..........hmm who'd have thought that people would actually want a proper full relationship that they enjoy rather then only having certain bits that others have chosen for them?

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