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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Setting Up Your Spouse for Success by Ms. Fatty

I posted a little about this on my blog today:

I have spent more time in the past punishing and shaming myself than my spouse has. At any rate, the puritan philosophy of "punishment and shame" really only sets fattys up for failure. I see this in my own life.

What you want to do is set your spouse up for success. In my house this means the skinny spouse has to store his snacks in his room or go out for pizza or whatever, because our kitchen is designed for health and wellness, it is designed for success.

It's practically impossible for me to fail on my diet at home (and I don't eat out but less than once a month).

6 months ago I set myself up for success with quitting smoking by getting one of those e-cigs. haven't touched tobacco since then. Quitting was practically painless. I've tried to quit multiple times. The e-cig really does set up the smoker for quitting success. :-)

I applied this to my kitchen. It's now a virtually painless environment for me. There's barks, twigs, seaweeds, tofu, whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc. If a hunger pang strikes, I'm set up for success not to go over 300 extra calories on top of my 800-900 a day.

I also feel that the very low calorie diet has set me up for success, retraining my brain to accept less food.

Just my opinion here... would like to see everyones spouses succeed! :-)

Ms. Fatty posted this on the My Fat Spouse Forum

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