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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Accepting The Fat Spouse For Who They Are - By A101

A101 is a regular on the My Fat Spouse Forum

Many fat militants use the line 'you should love them for who they are'. But when people become overweight it can have many many more ramifications and consequences then just a change in physical appearance.:Accepting a fat spouse 'for who they are' is basically another way of saying::Accept that your partner has no interest in maintaing sexual attraction for you or is unrealistic enough to think that you will find them sexually attractive no matter what they do because you love them (even though there is a HUGE differance between love and attraction):Accept that this will hinder and harm intimacy in your relationship, and even remove it all together because you are feeling the normal human reaction to find someone less attractive when they allow themselves to get out of shape (because it is out of the shape humans are meant to be in):Accept the falshood that you are an evil/shallow/cold hearted person for feeling these normal human emotions:Accept that this will lead to frustration as well as spill over into other areas of your life, because sex isn't really a perfectly normal human need so if you're sex life isn't fulfilling your needs you need to just 'shut up and deal you whiny bitch':Accept that it will affect your partners health and that you not only have an unhappy sex life to go to bed too evernight but you can be happy in the knowledge that every day they are increasing their chances of becoming very ill in leaps and bounds:Accept that you may never get to do activites you enjoy together because they are incapable of doing them or to unfit to do them by their own hand:Accept that despite all the amazing things humans can do, watching someone eat junk until they have trouble moving and health complications is an admirable thing to see:Accept the falshood that you are the bad person, you are the one with the problem with your unrealistic idea that a person can actually keep themselves in good shape for their health and sexual attraction, and that being old doesn't mean you can't look after yourself as best you can, but instead you are destined to become a grotesque shrivelled up raisin look alike with hanging jowls:Accept unhappiness in the short time you have on this planet:Accept that wanting to be in a relationship with a partner who makes you happy, fulfills your needs and makes your life BETTER (like they are supposed too) will never happen to you:Accept the falshood that if you really loved the person you would leave them alone to be happy doing what they are doing, despite it not being at all healthy for themTheres more to weight gain then just changes in physical appearance as everyone on this site knows (and has activley shown). The fat militants say 'Accept them for who they are'??Well after everything i've listed as well as all of your individual stories.........just what the hell is acceptable about it?

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