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Friday, June 26, 2009

If not finding fat attractive is due A101 a member of the MFS Forum

 Heres another thought that crossed my mind. Many fat militants say that the reason fat isn't considered attractive to many is due to 'media brainwashing'. 

But if finding people with huge amounts of fat unattractive is because of the media, then what about people with huge muscles? 

People with huge muscles are also found generally unattractive. The freakish, huge jacked up bodybuilders have a look that many don't at all find sexually appealing. 

We havn't been told not to like big muscles. The media hasn't told us to hate big, freak like muscles or find them unattractive. We look at them and find them unattrative because its not really what a human is supposed to look like. 
Just like huge overweight people, it is found unattractive because its OUT OF SHAPE, meaning out of the shape humans are supposed to be in. 

Its obvious that most people are going to find INSHAPE people more attractive because its the shape people are meant to be in, thats why its caled in shape. 

Too much muscle isn't 'inshape' so to speak, inshape is good muscle, good body fat, capable of anerobic and aerobic activity. 
Hughley muscular people are more 'mass monsters' then 'inshape'. 

Too much fat is 'out of shape', therefore of course its going to be found less attractive, thats not media brainwashing, thats finding people who are in the shape humans are meant to be in, more attractive then the people who are out of the shape people are meant to be in. Hows that difficult to understand? 

And also inshape has been found attractive throughout time. Different sizes from larger frames to wasp waists have come and gone, but inshape has always been there and always been found attractive. 

So if not finding fat attractive due to 'hollywood', then why do we also not find big muscles attractive? 

Its because both are not what humans are supposed to look like, neither hugley fat, or hugly and overly muscular, so if you do things that make yourself look that way, then fine, but you can't complain that people then only want to 'be friends' when they dont' feel sexual attraction towards you. 

And you can't complain if you dont look after sexual attraction then find your sex life dwindling. Its how it works. 

The fat militants love to say how fat is beautiful, but if they really believe in size acceptance, that also means tey have to be fighting for the jacked up bodybuilders with every vein sticking out of them, as they are also 'people of size'. And i have never met anyone in real life, or seen anyone on the internet (including those in that fat movement) deny that they find huge freakish vein covered muscles revolting..........well thats hate speech right? 

Therefore the fat militanst also have to go around saying 'Huge muscles with veins sticking out that look completley freakish are beautiful, you are brainwashed if you don't find them attractive' 

Cos i bet they don't, i bet they don't like the hugley muscular, veiny, jacked up like they've been inflated look either (though i've already won that bet seeing as enough of them have said they hate it on their boards, plus saying they want acceptance of sizes then calling thinner people 'matchsticks/aneorexic/beanpoles etc, yet they aren't talking about actual aneroexics but people who are inshape/thinner/not 200+lbs, i'm not even sure some of the militants have seen an anorexic person when they look at a well muscled athletic person then call them anorexic)

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