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Friday, July 1, 2011

25 More Motivations

1. To not be the f*ttest Mom at school.
2. I don’t want to think that everyone wonders why my healthy hubby is with a f*t woman.
3. I don’t want diabetes, GERD, incontinence, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, etc...
4. I want to tuck my shirts in my pants, not my belly.
5. To not get out of breathe during s*x.
6. To get ready for church without trying on 3 outfits that all make me look f*t.
7. To not waddle when I walk
8. To be able to bend over to pick up something, not squat
9. To not wake up with a back ache
10. For my hubby to be able to wrap his arms around me
11. To shave/wax bikini area without having to move things out of the way
12. I don’t want my tummy to flop when I run
13. I want to go br*less with pride
14. I want to share clothes with my daughter when she is a teen
15. I want to weigh less than my hubby
16. I don’t want to rely on food to ease my moods
17. I want the rest of my body (hair/skin/nails) to reflect how healthy I am
18. So my b**bs are not a chin rest
19. I want to post a picture of myself on Facebook, not just pictures of my kids
20. I want a cute belly button, where is that thing?
21. I want to be able to see my hip bones
22. I don’t want cellulite
23. I want a flat tummy
24. I don’t want family to be afraid to buy me clothes as gifts
25. I want a smooth back, with no ‘br* fat’

The pain of the addiction has to be greater than the pleasure before one is motivated to change

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