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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

He left because I was fat

I just found this site and I am very impressed. If I had read some of these posts previously my husband would probably still be at home. He left me 7 years ago and had a affair. I am not really sure it ever ended even though he did move back home about 8mths after he left. He had told me then he was not attracted to me sexually anymore because of my weight but he did still love me. I lost about 65lbs during this time. Even when he came home he was depressed and unhappy. I don't know if it was because he had broke it off with his lover or he was unable to accept what had happened. Things have never been right with us since. He is emotionally unavailable to me. We haven't had sex in almost a year. We did try a couple of months ago and he could not get a erection. Since then things have gone from bad to worse. he has been moved out for a mth and is living with his son. He says there is not another woman now. He says he wants to be able to come home and start over, he is just not ready yet. He is trying to get his feelings back. He will not take my calls or come and see me. I of course did gain the weight back when he came home before because of all of the emotional issues. I now know that I was using food to make myself feel better and feel happy. I have lost almost 20lbs since he has been gone this last month and I am determined to get healthy the right way with a good diet and exercise. I am a 52yr old woman who everyone thinks I look 35. I do take very good care of myself (except for needing to loose about 70lbs)I hope it is not too late to show my husband I have changed and I finally get it. I would love for us to be able to not throw 28 years of marriage and all of this pain away for nothing. I hope to find alot of useful information on this site to make my journey easier.


  1. I posted a message - comment to you but it didnt go up. Test

    I think its awful nobody replied to you! Test

  2. Hi there -- Well I finally got one post up. Now I am not going to call you fat wife because i am sure your a lot more than that. So I will call you hon for now.

    i was so annoyed my other comment didnt go up. Pls dont give up-- I will help as much as possible. First I will just see if you reply.

    If you do we can go from there. Hey happy to bring you if you can into our cool house with indoor pool and beach not far.

    I need to loose some too!

    But I am not sure your not too good for your hubby . Lets get the weight off and see how you feel then.

    I am a straight refined lady & happy to give you asll the support you need.

    Cheers for now.

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